Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Me, The Sea, and Anne B

sweater: hm
shorts: old navy (on sale!)
bag: anne b. designs c/o

First things first, these pictures must have been taken at that magical time of day when the sunset makes your skin look the same color as your leather purse. So there's that. #brownpeopleproblems

Second things second, let's talk about this purse from Anne B Designs. If you have been following me on the instagram, you know that I recently got back from what would best be known as a "mega trip" (aka, a completely unreasonable and poorly planned, but totally awesome road trip from Utah to Southern CA to Seattle) and this trusty little cross body stayed by my side the whole time. Literally.

Anne B Designs was founded by this really incredible girl named Sarah. You see, there are people who do well in the world, and there are people who do good. Sarah happens to do both. Not only does she make really adorable products, she also teaches women in third world countries how to sew so they can make a living for themselves. How cool is that? Well, Sarah currently has a crowdfunding campaign going to help fund her Made Collection that will allow her to fulfill her dream of starting a sewing school right here in Salt Lake City. Check out the video!

There's only a couple days left of the campaign and she's just under her goal, so be sure to donate HERE! And of course, stop by Anne B Designs to check out all dem cute bags!



  1. her purses are so great, i really want to get one & will definitely be helping her campaign!

  2. Oh good, I'm glad #brownpeopleproblems are a thing! Let's add "brown eyeshadow makes you look like you have a black eye" to that list!

  3. Love this! Sounds like you visited my favorite places So Cal and Seattle!! <3


  4. So beautiful photos! Eszter


  5. so great!~ i love this!


  6. I love businesses that give back like this! I'll definitely be checking her out!



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