Thursday, April 24, 2014

Life Lately By the Numbers

jacket: hm
dress: hm
shoes: vans (vans aren't your thing? black leather chucks here too)

4 // The amount of hours I've slept in the past 3 days. 

3 // The average number of ex-boyfriends you're bound to run into when you go to campus without showering, putting on make-up, and getting out of your pajamas.  

998 // The number of games of minesweeper I've played since downloading the app a month ago.

7 // The number of times I've actually beat it.

22 // The age I was when I figured out there was a strategy to minesweeper besides randomly 
clicking on tiles and hoping they don't have bombs. 

375 // The price of a ticket to Coachella. In addition, approximately the same number of moments this past weekend I wished I was at Coachella.

0.5 // The number of Rancheritos tacos I can eat before regretting it. 

3 // The number of Rancheritos tacos I still eat anyways because...

1 // The number of times You Only Live



  1. Love this!! And that outfit... 1,000,000,000,000 how many times I wish this outfit were mine.

  2. 10: the rating you are on a scale of 1-10. you're such a babe

  3. Haha. What a cute/creative idea for a post. I think we all reached that point in college when we were so close to being done that we just stopped giving all and all shits about what we looked like...I personally wore the same pair of striped pajama pants for probably 2 weeks straight (to the point where people begged me to stop wearing my "sailor pants"...what can I say, when you don't get any sleep wearing PJs is the closest thing to it!).

    Also, I can't believe that Minesweeper has become a thing again-I remember everyone playing it in 4th grade and this little Korean exchange student in my class was the only one who knew how to win. Go figure...I haven't played it since then.

    Sorry for the novel of a comment!! xoxo grace

  4. you look SO adorable!!

  5. pretty nice blog, following :)

  6. Everything about this post is perfect.
    I love you.

    -XO Abbigayle Rashae

  7. This list is awesome and that dress looks super cute and comfy!

  8. I learned how to actually play Minesweeper when I was 18. I remember begin so shocked haha.

    P.S. $375. Ticket cost of Coachella. $5 billion. Cost of Coachella when you factor in gas, hotel, and not being able to stop eating. Trust me. ;)

  9. I laughed a lot.
    You're too cool. Love your outfit! Get some sleep.

  10. ohhh my gosh I've wanted to be at Coachella so much too! Let's go together sometime, it'd be such a blast. 375 is so much for a ticket though, geez!

  11. Those shoes though.
    Hella fre$h

  12. I still don't entirely get minesweeper or at least I keep telling myself that to justify how bad I am. 7 wins? Girl, to me you are a champion!

  13. I don't know how I escaped Utah without eating at Rancheritos once, but I feel like I completely missed out!


  14. Ahahaha minesweeper is the best! I absolutely love that game for some good old fashion procrastination. Have you tried the game 2048 yet? It's addicting, much like minesweeper!

  15. Can you please write all of your blogposts in this format? It's the best.

    p.s. i have the exact same dress. Twinning!

  16. I love this! Such a cool idea for a post, and extremely relatable as well. Xx

  17. there's a minesweeper app? Why have i not thought to look/download this before? I remember figuring out the system a while ago and feeling so darn smart for it!

  18. Hii i like ur blogger alot pls sheek out mine


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