Monday, April 7, 2014

10 Things You Need To Know About Me If We're Going To Be BFFs

dress: gap (similar)
necklace: diy
shoes: clarks
photos by Emma Vidmar Photography

About a hundred years ago, my internet homegirl Bri tagged me in this fun little post and I'm just now getting around to doing it because being a fashion blogger/unemployed is sooo time-consuming and stressful you wouldn't even understand. I'm kidding, I'm just lazy. Anyways, I'm also writing this to help me help you figure out if you're going to by my new best friend so let's get to it, shall we?

1. First and foremost, I was highly considering naming this post "Garden Hoe" because I'm a master at double entendres and I thought it was funny. So what I'm trying to say is that I think stupid things are funny.

2. I have this weird OCD about expired food. I'm constantly checking expiration dates on packaged food and I have to check bread and cheese meticulously for mold before I can eat it. I'm not crazy... But I am.

3. I spill something on myself at least 4 times a day.

4. If you haven't seen at least one of the following then I don't think you will understand a single word I say: Mean Girls, Nacho Libre, Good Neighbor YouTube videos, and this.

5. I have a very real issue with sleeping. As in, I don't do it.

6. If you fall asleep anywhere near me, I will take a picture of it. That is non-negotiable.

7. My love language is mix CDs.

8. I'm a cuddler. I nuzzle. I'll hold your arm when we're walking together. I hug even when I know you're going for the handshake. I am no respecter of personal space.

9. Yes, I would love to go shopping with you and help you pick out clothes. Is that even a question?

10. I'm THE WORST at texting. And calling people back. And writing people back. And communicating in general. The best way to get ahold of me is via messenger owl or snapchat (selfies only).

So there you have it. Let's think of this more as a disclaimer for our friendship so you know exactly what you're getting yourself into.

P.S. I also tag Shannon of Clad & Cloth (because she caught me eating by myself at Cafe Rio this weekend), Birdie and Holly of Clean Enough Laundry, and Toyosi of Standard T. Let's just get real and transparent, ok?



  1. I am neurotic about expired food, I won't eat/drink it even one day past the "Best By" whole family makes fun of me for it. We should start a EFPA = Expired Foods Phobia Anonymous.

  2. I am a freak about expired food, I have gotten food poisoning one too many times! "Garden hoe" made me laugh!

  3. This is such a fun post, I really liked it!

  4. haha this post is awesome, I'm totally the same way with bread and cheese too!


  5. I laughed so hard listening to that letter thing, haha! I think I've heard it before. I'll have to check out those youtube videos. I also laugh at the dumbest things- you should listen to me watch Adventure Time.

  6. I'm your new best friend and your going to have to get over it

  7. I'm your new best friend and your going to have to accept it

  8. i hear her hair is insured for $10000.

  9. I loved reading this! You're definitely a girl after my own heart! My love language also happens to be mix CD's and I'm just an average sort of texter. However, I usually find that I'm the one falling asleep and having their picture taken (and, for the record, it's not cute). Haha! I did a post like this a few months back entitled "We Could Totally Be Friends If..." (


  10. Your dress is gorgeous, so effortless! I'm with you on spilling food it's a miracle if I manage to go a day without doing it! I'm also a cuddler, it's a necessity and awful at replying to anyone, even my mum which is pretty bad as I live half way across the World now...sorry mum. And I would definitely let you pick out my clothes, BFF!

    I recently wrote a post about why BFFs are so special to us

  11. Love this post - I just stumbled across your blog from over at Whispering Sweet Nothings - I just started sponsoring her so I figured I would check out her friends on her sidebar and make some new blogging buddies myself :) glad I did! Your blog looks fun. HOLLER! :) come say hi so we can be friends :)

  12. Gasp! My love language is mix CDs too. They're the best.

  13. This is a cute post! I love getting to know people! :)

  14. What is this? Strong guys?

    We are basically mfeo.

    1. Oh my gosh. I just fell in love with you for real.

  15. sorry for stalking you ahha.

    and PLEASE can we go shopping?


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