Friday, March 28, 2014

You can have a boyfriend, and you can have boyfriend jeans...

Photos by Emma Vidmar Photography
tee: gap
sweater: f21 (old)
jeans: gap
boots: clarks (similar here and here)
bag: army surplus (also loving this one)

... but you can't have both.

I just realized that it's ironic that they're called "boyfriend jeans" when any boy I've ever dated actually hates when I wear them. A real life conversation that occurred when I first bought these jeans went something like this:

Me: "Hey do you like my new jeans?"
Boy: "Ummm. Yeah. That whole 'man crotch' thing is in style right?"

I still don't know what he meant by "man crotch". Needless to say, the jeans are still in my life and he isn't, so...

Moral of the story: Who needs men when you have clothes, am I right?



  1. You are right!! Haha. XD
    I love this style. The top goes great with those bottoms!!
    You look gorgeous. c:


  2. I can't believe you got that bag from an army surplus bag, good find. I just hid all my baggy pants until after I got married. Then he was stuck with my baggy pants and me and there was nothing he could do about it.

  3. Super look! Love the jeans! xx

  4. Lauren looking annoyed at Emma picture. Classic.

  5. You are rocking those jeans girl!
    If there is one piece of clothing that I am having trouble pulling off, it's boyfriend jeans. I want to own a pair so bad but I haven't found the right ones yet. :/

    xx, Ariel

  6. Love this outfit! My husband HATES my boyfriend jeans. haha. oh well :)

  7. Love this outfit! My husband HATES my boyfriend jeans. haha. oh well :)

  8. haha, I'm really loving boyfriend jeans right now (which Jordan has dubbed "husband jeans") but I haven't actually asked him if he likes them because I have just learned not to ask. haha. You looking real good. Want your closet.

  9. haha this makes me laugh, i like it! husband does not. boo :( haha

  10. Such a funny comment. I love the look.

  11. Ryan just said that my new strappy sandals look like the shoe that was chewed up by the shoe factory machine in Jumangi...umm THANKS. Husbands/boyfriends don't get it.

  12. Love love love this look! Boyfriend jeans are sometimes tricky to pull off, but you do it perfectly.

  13. Hey these jeans look great on you! People wear jeans that are just awful and have men in their lives, so there's definitely hope. You look so cute! That striped cardigan pairs wonderfully with your boyfriend jeans.

  14. Uh, so true. My husband hates boyfriend jeans. Oh, the irony. Nevertheless, you look adorable.

  15. I love boyfriend jeans! I've been meaning to get a pair forever now!


  16. I've read 3 posts of you now, and I must say, you have a lovely (writing) style. You're funny and clever. Awesome work

  17. Hahaha, so true! My boyfriend once went on a long tangent about how much he loved sundresses, so I pulled one out of my closet for him to go, "No, that's not what I meant..." And I pulled out more and more (I have several) and he said none of them were what he had in mind. Turns out he was thinking of maxi dresses, to which I rolled my eyes and said I'm way to short for those, hahaha.

  18. Amen! Those jeans are so fabulous!



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