Monday, February 10, 2014

Big, BIG Changes + a Giveaway Winner

First things first, the winner of the Clad and Cloth giveaway is Hannah Chinn! I'll be emailing you with instructions for claiming your prize! Thanks so much to all those who entered. We love seeing the support for local small businesses! 

Ok. Sooo. You might notice a few changes around here. This is one of those things that I've been putting off for a while because I didn't know exactly how to do it. But after a insomnia induced night of tweaking one thing on the blog which led to tweaking another thing, which led to a complete redesign, I figured now would just be the best time to come out and say it.

...But not before I beat around the bush and make myself feel all nostalgic or whatever.
Some of the first pics we took together for the blog. We were just kids back then.

Madison and I started this blog together almost three years ago. I remember sitting on the couch at 2 a.m. like giddy teenage girls, writing our first post. I think we hoped that by posting at such an ungodly hour, no one would ever actually read it. But people did read it. And even more unexpectedly, people actually liked it. In those three years, we've been so blessed to have the coolest experiences from writing this blog; We were printed in a magazine, we went on TV (twice! no, three times!), we hosted blogger meetups, we judged fashion shows, we were part-time models, and even made really annoying videos of ourselves.

I've truly loved having this blog, and even more, I've loved being able to share it with my best friend. I wouldn't trade it for anything. But lately we realized, as we start to move in different directions in our lives (literally, Madison is moving to the East Coast this summer!), blogging together just isn't a practical option anymore. So from here on out, Madison will no longer be posting and this blog will be mine, ALL MINE. (cue evil laughter. suckers.)

I wish I could tell you there was some juicy drama to accompany all of this (I get it, I watched Gossip Girl too), but to be honest, we talked about it, we laughed about it, we moved on, and it wasn't really a huge deal.  We're not "breaking up". Mads is still my best friend. We still hang out. We still cuddle on the couch and watch Youtube videos together. I know, boring right?

So that's that. It's bittersweet to close this chapter, but it's also a great opportunity to grow and move forward. It still scares me a little to take on this blog on my own. Maybe Madison was the only reason you even read this blog (it's okay, she's my favorite Awkward Girl too), and maybe I'm just gonna drive this whole operation into the ground. But I still love blogging and this entire online community, so I hope you'll bear with me as I work through some of the kinks of this transition.

I'm planning on putting together an FAQ sometime in the near future so if you still have any questions about anything-- about me, or this blog, or Madison, or this post, or your life, anything really--  feel free to ask! I also want to know what you want to see more of/less of on the blog as I make this transition. I'm still trying to figure everything out as far as the direction of this blog goes, but I would love your input. (But don't tell me you hate the redesign, because it's like my baby and you wouldn't tell someone you hate their baby, would you?)



  1. I'm excited for both of you as you both do great things! awkward girls forev, duh.

  2. i luz the redesign. it loook goooood. however, ummm i'll miss mads. but still luz you lo.


  3. ahhh so much excitement! i will miss Madison SO MUCH, and i hope you continue to share all of her good fortune and your hilarious conversations together. i love both of your outfits equally and i'm so inspired by you both, so i'll miss having the different perspectives, but i'm also so excited to see what you bring to the bloggin' table. i love watching your style inspirations shift, so i can't wait to see what's next!

    xo nicole

  4. what an exciting new venture for you!

  5. Aww best of luck to Madison and I know you'll do even better with this blog! Good luck to both you :)

  6. love the whole design, you talented girl you. You'll be missed madison!

    luhh you, bring me chocolate plz.

  7. Fun redesign! Sad to see Mads go, but I'll still be a loyal reader! :)
    Sincerely, Sara

  8. Sad to see Madison go, but I'm glad that this blog will still be running! Can't wait to see whatcha got up your super stylish sleeve!


  9. I have always loved this blog and both of your styles! My favorite posts are for sure outfit posts. I wish Madison could still be part of it, but I never had a "favorite" AG... I like you both equally! I'm glad the blog will still be going on even though she's moving away!

  10. just one maybe a bit awkward question... how tall are you?? I'm pretty short so when you post pictures of clothes especially skirts/dresses I just want to imagine how it would fit me and my short legs. you seem pretty tall so just out of curiosity and of the change I might purchase something you post :).

  11. The redesign is amazing, I like it so much! It's great that you guys are still best friends and real drama just didn't happen. I'll miss Madison on this blog but I loved both of you so I will still be following this cute blog :)

  12. You guys are so cute. It's sad sometimes how time changes circumstances but there are good things on the horizon for you both for sure.

  13. You are too cute girl! And congrats on this next big step for you with this here blog. You got this ;)
    xo TJ

  14. awwww consider my heart broken :( but best of luck with the blog!

  15. DOes Madison have a new blog?

    1. Unfortunately no! I tried to convince her to start one, but she just didn't want to. You can follow her insta if you still want to stay updated on her life though! @madisonglock


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