Thursday, January 16, 2014

That time I slept with someone I met on the internet.

If that title surprises you, I'll explain. If it doesn't surprise you, I'm a little offended.
top: urban outfitters (similar)
jeans: f21
jacket: gap (also loving this one)
boots: bass outlet

If you've been in the blogging game for a while, you probably know what an awkward transition it can be going from blogger friends to real-life friends. I'm always a little scared to meet other bloggers in person-- not because I don't think I'll like them, I'm just nervous that everyone will find out how weird I am. And they'll say things like, "Wow, you really ARE awkward" and then laugh uncomfortably and make a hasty escape from the situation (because yes, that's happened more times than I'd like to admit). Every once in a while though, you meet a fellow blogger who shares your mutual weirdness, and weird magic happens. 

Such is the case with Emma, photographer and design extraordinaire from Smile Me Pretty.

Emma and I had a few random run-ins over summer, but we just recently decided to take our virtual friendship to the next level and hang out. So on Friday night we sat in bed, stalked mutual friends on Facebook, ate a whole box of white cheddar Cheez-its (real exciting stuff here, people), and attended a local concert; the remnants of which can be seen stamped on our hands (here's your free publicity, Robert & the Carrolls). After the concert, we resumed our position in Emma's little twin bed and ended up falling asleep in full-on snuggle position, because that is what most twenty-something-year-olds do, right? 

The next morning we woke up bright and early (11 a.m.), and drove out to a secluded spot near Utah Lake (you know, the kind of place where murderers go to hide their dead bodies) and fulfilled our dream of having a 90's/neo-goth revival type photo shoot; dark lipstick and all. The results of which are these pictures. Naturally, things digressed when we tried to take cute friend pics together. 
The key to making new friends is to get really uncomfortably close to their face. You can quote me on that.
Masters of the "stank face"
I like to call this one the "Shakira, Shakira"

You could hear me gush all day long about what a talented designer and photographer she is (and she knows this too because I couldn't stop myself from pitching her talents to everyone we talked to at the concert), but I'll just let you go see for yourself over at Smile Me Pretty



  1. hah! these photos are awesome

  2. hahahahha you two are perfect for each other

  3. how does madison feel about this?
    and you guys are babe.
    and she's so talented.
    and so are you.
    you guys are hott.
    ok im going to stop myself.

  4. wait are you a lesbian?



  5. I love everything about this post. I support these kinda friendships. +you are right, beautiful photos!

    xx Laur

  6. I swear you are too freaking adorable.
    Sadly, I live in rural Iowa and haven't met any Bloggie Friends!

    Sounds like a lovely time, and I support snuggly sleeping!
    What other way is there to sleep with friends? ;)

    The photos are gorgeous.
    Both of you are gorgeous!

    I'll quit gushing now, aha.

    -XO Abbigayle Rashae

  7. Oh man. I want to meet both of you! I'm weird too.

  8. You look so amazing in these pictures!

  9. Guys, those last photos are hilarious, hahaha! You two make a awkward duo, indeed. But awkward is good! So good to hear you've found each other as friends. I've had some very awkward run-is with fellow bloggers in the past too :) xo

  10. Online friends make the best friends! haha, I'm kinda obsessed with your dark wash denim jacket and striped shirt combo!

  11. I absolutely agree! Trying to take online friendships to real life can definitely be a little awkward (especially when you're pretty awkward all by yourself - ie. me). It looks like you and Emma had a great time together though. I mean, white cheddar cheez-its, stank faces AND a concert? It really doesn't get any better than that (:

    Lace and Combat Boots | a life + style blog

  12. Haha oh man you guys look like you were having so much fun. How awesome to find a friend like that online! The joys of blogging!
    P.S. - your outfit is awesome and I think I need a striped mock turtleneck like yours. The end.

  13. ....lauren....are you like a real life lesbian? are you? ARE YOU?

    if so: kees kees.

  14. hahaha this was funny! cute styling, can't wait to check out her blog!


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