Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Confessions

top: f21 (similar)
jeans: gap (bought 2 sizes up for a boyfriend jean look)
beanie: hm
jacket: flying tomatoes
shoes: converse
necklace: c/o poshlocket

Confession #1: I've worn that striped shirt almost every day since I bought it last week. 

Confession #2: During finals week, I pulled one all-nighter. Studying? Nope. Watching Jennifer Lawrence videos on Youtube.

Confession #3: When I walk to and from class, I only listen to XO by Beyonce on repeat.

Confession #4: I have a mad crush on a cute boy I see everywhere around campus. I'm pretty sure we make meaningful eye contact every time. Still waiting on the metaphorical cojones to talk to him. 

Confession #5: These converse make me feel like a new person. In a good way.

What are some of your confessions?

Happy Friday errbody!



  1. Seriously in love with those jeans!


  2. These are your confessions? These are my everyday posts.

  3. #1 all I ever want to do is play video games and read fantasy novels.
    #2 if I could I would just play video games and read fantasy novels.
    #3 people sometimes think I'm smart because I study computer science but really all I do is play video games and read fantasy novels.
    #4 I might be the most socially active of all my roommates and all I do is play video games and read fantasy novels.
    #5 I'm working on a Friday night from 8 to midnight and all I have to do is play video games and read fantasy novels.

    also, why do you dress like a hobo?


    1. ..says the one who plays video games and reads fantasy novels. Just saying.

  4. ..and by it, I mean that cutie on campus.

  5. That beanie! Such a great color.

  6. This something I would totally wear! Pinning one of your pics :)

  7. XO is the soundtrack to my life right now. except i have no boy in my life to really apply it to. must work on that. and as far as talking to YOUR cute boy, do. it. now. right now. go find him and sing him a beyonce lyric.

  8. Completely missed out on these gap jeans. Just a bummer they are so stinkin cute.

  9. I am digging the boyfriend jeans look! Smart girl buying them 2 sizes too big. Love!

    xx Laur

  10. I love this look! I recently picked up a pair of polka dot jeans from target and have worn them more than I care to admit! Have a good weekend!

  11. Confession #1: Total outfit crush right now.
    Confession #2: A grand total of 0 of my all-nighters have anything to do with school. All J Law, all the time.
    Confession #3: Beyonce + Robyn, the soundtrack to my life.
    Confession #4: My mom got mad at me one time because I am terrified to go talk to the hottie mchott in the library that I see almost every day that I most DEF have some kind of connection with. Baby steps idk
    Confession #5: New year, new shoes, new you #lifemotto
    Confession #6: Obsessed with your blog. Maybe check out ours?

  12. This is such a great outfit! Casual and b.a. Also, love your confessions. Especially the Jennifer Lawrence one. It just sort of happens, I guess.



Reading your comments is like finding 5 dollars in my pocket. You guys are the best.

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