Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Confessions #2

camo shirt: urban outfitters (similar on sale)
tee: c/o Clad & Cloth
bag: thrifted
shoes: clarks

Confession #1: It's 12:30 pm on a Friday afternoon as I type this and currently I am still in bed wearing minimal clothing. Whatever. 

Confession #2: I've watched this video many, many times this week because I am a 12-year-old Harry Styles fangirl and I'm not afraid to admit it. 

Confession #3: After 4 winters in Utah, I still have yet to attend Sundance Film Festival and I hate myself for it. Mostly because I have this fantasy where I find [[insert James Franco, Ryan Gosling, Joseph Gordon Leavitt, any other attractive male celebrity]] and he tells me I'm pretty and we realize we're soulmates. That kind of stuff happens right?

Confession #4: I bought a jar of Cookie Butter from Trader Joe's last week, and today I realized that it is now completely empty. This is one of those rare cases where I really, really hope one of my roommates has been stealing my food. 

Confession #5: If this blog is my spouse, then Tumblr is like my younger, sexy mistress. Sorry blog, it just happened. Find me here, and let me know if you have one too!

ps. how cute is that pocket tee? stay tuned to see how you can win one (or anything else from local boutique, Clad & Cloth) all for yourself. Happy Friday, folks!



  1. your laughing is so pretty! nice look

  2. Love everything about this look, especially that jacket!

  3. you look so amazing!!

  4. i love this! this outfit is so cute. also i have seen you at byu before... but im just a blog stalker so i didn't say hi haha awkward! but your blog name is awkward girls soooo maybe i should have! :) anyways, so cute. i love

    xx, keena

  5. alllssooooo i have a tumblr too! and i love it.

  6. Harry Styles fangirl for the win! Right there with you girl, and that just made me like you like 10x more. haha, if that's even possible. Thanks for the Clad and Cloth introduction!

  7. Love the confession series. Keep 'em coming!

  8. I agree: tumblr is my mistress as well. If you like funny gifs and comics, inspirational images, and cool nerd stuff, follow me!

  9. I loved/felt ya on every single one of your confessions! Trader Joe's cookie butter is the drug I can't refuse. Seriously. And if you don't get to that Film Festival and marry all of our dream man soon, there won't be any hope for the rest of us! Lastly, I know SO many people are into tumblr, but I just haven't gotten the chance to learn how to use it! Maybe I will now that you mentioned it :)

    Ps - that comment that you left on my blog, sort of, kind of made me feel wonderful! YOU are wonderful. xoxo

  10. Oh I love that camo! I have a camo jacket and I literally wear it every day. So good. My tumblr is

  11. Oh I love that camo! I have a camo jacket and I literally wear it every day. So good. My tumblr is
    very funny videos,

  12. Oh I love that camo! I have a camo jacket and I literally wear it every day. So good. My tumblr is oh-whataday.tumblr.comvery funny videos,


Reading your comments is like finding 5 dollars in my pocket. You guys are the best.

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