Thursday, January 23, 2014

As Athletic Looking as I'm Gonna Get...

tee: clad & cloth
skirt: anthro (old-- similar)
tights: target
necklace: gift
watch: michael kors
shoes: halogen via nordstrom's rack


Flashback to a year ago, and we confessed how much we love the baseball tee. Now I finally get to style one and tell you why I like it so much!

-Dress it up or down: Check
-  Look sporty and/or somewhat athletic: Check
- Wear it with cheetah print: Check. Always.
- This graphic print gives off the vibe that I can ride a bike (Which I can't. It's alright. I've accepted that I will never be this.)

What makes a baseball tee even better? When it comes from the adorable Shannon from Clad & Cloth. We'll talk more about Clad & Cloth later, but for now check out the super cute merch!
This tee is super soft and I love the graphic on the front. I can spice it up for a dressy event, a casual weekend, or even (dare I say it) sporty thingys!

Keep it sporty-chic, America.



  1. Cute! I love baseball tees for casual wear, never thought of dressing them up!

    <3 Daryl

  2. love this!! so glad i recommended my friend shannon to contact you guys :) she has awesome t-shirts!

    andrea brionne

  3. Ooh! Love that tee! I've never heard of that company, but I guess I need to! So cute!!


  4. this combo is too great. Wait. CAN I WEAR A SOMEWHAT FITTED BASEBALL TEE TO CHURCH IF IT'S WITH A SKIRT?! Important question.

    xoxo birdie

  5. what happened to we like wednesday?!?!?!?!

  6. I suppose I've selected an unbelievable and interesting blog.


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