Saturday, December 28, 2013

The unitard: a love story.

t-shirt: old navy 
(I seriously LIVE in these tees. They're super soft, a great price, and long enough to wear with leggings. GET SOME.
sweater: hm
boots: clark's (also love these and these)
purse: target
leggings: see story below

One of the best parts about being home is being able to go through all your old stuff and finding new uses, and a rejuvenated love for things you forgot you even had. Since leaving for college, my existence in my parents' house has been reduced to a few bags of clothes and a shoebox full of keepsakes labeled "LAUREN'S CHILDHOOD". Apparently it was a brief, yet fulfilling childhood. 

While rummaging through my bags of clothes looking for something to wear to a wedding (because I'm really good at packing), I came upon a unitard that I may or may not have accidentally stolen from my high school dance department. In case you don't know what a unitard is, it's basically a giant spandex onesie. Awesome, right? I obviously had to try it on again and obnoxiously  prance around my house in it for a good half hour. But then something weird happened. 

I never really took it off. 
I've been wearing it under my clothes the entire time I've been home (including this outfit). Not only is it like a pair of leggings and an undershirt all in one, and it almost acts like a shaper, which is great because I literally can't stop eating during the holidays.

 So just in case you never thought you could feel cool wearing something ending in -TARD, I'm here to prove you wrong. And because I know you're a little curious, they sell them in all different colors at American Apparel. You're welcome. 



  1. Your unitard sounds awesome and you look super cute

  2. Big love for that jacket and those boots. I have been living sort of the same since I started uni this school year :-) Most of my vlothes are not at home anymore. But I still have a closet though ^^ xo

  3. I love your coat, you look stunning! Great outfit :)

  4. you are such a babe. and hahaha and i actually really want a unitard now. sounds like my kind of thing. meow.

  5. okay first of all, your photos are looking amaaaazing lately. such perfect lighting and tone. and you look bomb, as usual. babe status!

  6. Love this whole look! Just so casual and cute - and I bet so comfy too!!

    <3 Amanda,

  7. fun fact, gymnastics raised me, and front wedgies are a very normal issue i had as a child. this is all i think about whilst reading this post. yeah, i said whilst. lets play soon.

  8. You look great and you are too funny. Except (leave it to me to bring this up) - a unitard would make it awfully hard to pee. Hahahha.


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