Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Madison's Bridals

Remember when Mads talked about getting engaged?
Well, here are some of her bridals that she took the day before the wedding at the LDS Sacramento Temple!

A big thanks to Ashley Garret Getz Photography for capturing our special day! (Check out her fb here)
Annnnd take a peek at her site for more bridals!
 So, even though I take pictures for the blog, I am an extremely awkward poser.
 It turns out, doing "no smile" faces and getting your hands to look "natural" is way harder than it looks. 
"Madison, stop making your hands into claws." 
People had to start posing my hands...literally. 
Also, someone forgot to shave their legs for this photo shoot (*hint-- it was me).
...maybe we'll just blame it all on pre-wedding jitters? Yeah, let's do that.

And just in case you're not sick of my wedding yet, I'll be back with the actual wedding day photos!



  1. so pretty! congratulations on your wedding

  2. you look like a little doll! i've been dying to know what you chose to wear for the big day, and i love it! such a perfect bride.

    xo nicole

  3. *mouth drops to floor*
    Wowzers. What is there to say other than this: Madison, you look absolutely STUNNING!
    I could go on and on about how gorgeous you look and how pretty your dress is and how insanely amazingly blue your eyes are, etc. But...I'm going to save myself the trouble of typing all that and you the trouble of reading all that.
    Keeping things simple, these photos are positively stunning!
    Congrats on getting married!! I can't wait to see more photos :D

    The SEAREX

  4. Wow - "hand claws" or not - you look amazing - and the dress, DAMN GIRL!

  5. Not sick at all! Keep 'em coming!

  6. just gorgeous! love the bouquet too.
    Marie @
    In Our Happy Place


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