Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We Likey Wednesday

Girl Crush: Bri Emery
Bri is the mastermind behind Design Love Fest, and is basically a blogging goddess. She has a cute life, she's a design extraordinaire, and her wardrobe is bananas. Need we say more?

 Boy Crush: Ezra Koenig
Ezra is the oh-so-fine frontman of the band, Vampire Weekend, who we saw in concert last night. And at some point in the night, WE SWEAR, he looked over at us and pointed and winked. Or at least we can pretend that happened. We can also pretend we didn't dance like we were on drugs, but that's something you just can't take back. 

Flava of the Week: Enliten Bakery & Cafe
This little bakery located in the heart of Provo is a real gem. Good food, fresh ingredients, cool atmosphere. Nuff said. 

We Want: Watercolor Dresses
These dresses show people that you dress well, AND you like art. Which makes them think you're cultured, and that's always a good thing.

Tunes: Daughter, "Get Lucky" Daft Punk Cover
Sorry we just talk about Daughter all the time. But if you listen to this song, you'll at least understand why. 

Funnies: Dove Real Beauty Sketches, Guys Version

Another reason we hate men. 




  1. I love love love the watercolor dresses. They are perfect for summer!

  2. 1) I literally bought watercolor fabric when I was in NY and have been so excited to make a watercolor dress! Hooray!! I feel so... Trendy? In?
    2) that video was probably the funniest thing I've seen all week.

  3. YUM! That sandwich looks delicious! I might have to stop there my next trip to Provo! Whenever that will be...

  4. that dress is gorgeous!

  5. I love those watercolored dresses! So pretty. The colors are perfect and the fit looks wonderful. xx. McKenna Lou

  6. ahhh I love vampire weekend <3


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