Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Local Loves: Tessel Supply

We've realized over the past 4 or so years that Provo is kind of a cool place to live. It's a hub of creativity, innovation, and fresh ideas and it seems like everyone here is ridiculously talented (Our talent is going 3 days at a time without showering BTW). Because of this, we wanted to start a new series where we would bring you the freshest of the fresh straight out of P to the R to the O-V-O .

That sounded a lot cooler in our heads

Anyways. Today we wanted to introduce you to Tessel Supply.

Tessel was started by two BYU students with big dreams, and even bigger hearts. Ok, we don't really know anything about the size of their hearts, but we know that they make some pretty cool backpacks. Check out the video to see their story. They have also launched a Kickstarter Campaign recently to help get their bags into production. They reached their goal a few days in to the campaign, but every pledge still counts!

Tessel sent us a prototype of the Jet Pack, and let us just say... dis thing pretty cool. 
It's perfect for the ex-cheerleader-on-the-go....
And the best part is the spacious design allows room for dos... 

So there you have it. Be sure to check out Tessel and see all the cool things they're doing!



  1. K first of all I'm completely in love this idea for a feature. Second of all, that fabric is amazing!! Reminds me of Zenon girl of the 21st century. And third, Madison I need your pants! For real though.

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  3. They're super awesome! I want to get me a Jetpack! I miss all the great things about the Provo/BYU awesomeness!


  4. Such a beautiful photoshoot. I was wondering when will you pick your asos giveaway winner?

  5. The one time I don't open the door for someone, it's put in a Kickstarter video that goes viral. Whoops.
    #teamdanielshirley #itsathing

  6. Could you be any cuter?? Loving this!!
    xo TJ


Reading your comments is like finding 5 dollars in my pocket. You guys are the best.

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