Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We Likey Wednesday

Girl Crush: Saoirse Ronan
While we were fangirling so hard at the Host premiere a few weekends ago (no, we're not ashamed), we realized a few things: 
1) What kind of name is Saoirse? Did we even spell that right? Is that even English? 
2) Either way we're obsessed with her. 
3) If aliens took over the world and made everyone dress as well as they did, we'd be ok with it. 

Boy Crush: Peter Adrian
We didn't think love at first sight was real until we found out who Peter Adrian is. If you want to fall in love to, check out his blog (and his equally hot brother) here

Flava of the Week: Red Iguana
Whenever we go to City Creek and get our shop on, you bet your bottom we come here and stuff our faces.

We Want: Graphic Print Loafers

We're all about being comfy. And we are really diggin' these fun prints for your feet!
cute? check. comfy? check. somebody always winking at you? check.

Tunes: 'Grammy' Purity Ring
Yes, this is a cover of a Soulja Boy song.

Funnies: Taylor Swift Pick Up Lines
 Ironic, because you would think every girl would want Taylor Swift lyrics told to them.
But in real life, it's just creepy. 



  1. Saoirse is an Irish name. It means freedom/liberty in Irish and it stems from patriotism to Irish republicanism. It's generally pronounced 'Sear'+'Sha'. So now you can fangirl more comfortably being able to pronounce her name :)

    1. I was going to say the same thing. :) It's such a beautiful name!

  2. I'm loving everything about those chevron flats!



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