Friday, April 19, 2013

Camera Shy

top: banana republic, skirt: apricot lane boutique , shoes: Seychelles

top: levi's outlet, dress: f21, jacket: a&f, tights: gap, shoes: thrifted
We're pretty sure the entirety of the Provo population was on a walk, or just driving by during the ten minutes we were taking these pictures yesterday. Can't two girls just take pictures of each other wearing unusually dressy outfits for a Thursday afternoon without getting judged in this town?!?!

Sorry. That was an overreaction. 

Maybe it's just us, but things always get weird when people catch us taking blog pictures. And when we say things, we mean us. We get really weird. Like when someone walks by, we'll hide the camera in our clothes and start awkwardly dancing or high-pitch singing, usually a combination of both (we really need to work on our "act normal" thing). Or when someone drives by, we get all ghetto-girl-up-in-your-grill defensive, and yell something like, "You don't know my life!"

Life is so hard. Do any of you fellow fashion bloggers have the same issue?

Anyways, happy weekend to you all!



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  2. You both look lovely. I usually get a few weird glances when taking pictures on my street!

    Sita xx

  3. Well I know exactly how that is. I made a similar post about it here~

  4. I think this is going to be the hardest for me! I think I would feel better if I had a partner in crime, but me outside with a tripod and remote...awkward.

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  6. this is entirely my life. you, in fact, do know my life. i went to four different locations today trying to take my photos in peace. at least you have each other! i just pick up my tripod and start talking to it. because that's perfectly normal.

    xo nicole

  7. Yep I totally understand that. I feel awkward all the time, especially since I have to put my camera on a tripod...everyone looks at you as you are standing in front of a tripod.


  8. Hahaha yes it's always weird when people give strange looks when I'm taking outfit pictures! It's just an awkward process. At least you both look super cute taking outfit pictures. I love the flannel top paired with the super girly skirt. A red dress always looks great with a pair of polka dot tights too!

  9. I think you should be proud of that camera and those cute outfits and gorgeous pics. Let them look and wonder! Who are those girls and why are they getting their photo taken...are they going to be in a magazine? I agree with Nikki it'd be even weirder if the camera was on a tripod.

  10. oh my gosh, I know what you mean--it is even worse when you're alone! but a blogga's gotta do what a blogga's gotta do, naahmean? ;)

  11. Yes, so awkward. It's even worse when it's someone you know who doesn't know about your a co-worker. So, uncomfortable. On a seperate note, I love the plaid with tulle.

  12. HAHA good ole Provo, I must admit I do miss it! Loving the Apricot Lane Boutique skirt! They're one of my favorite go to places for new pieces!

  13. haha I live in Provo and I serious feel the exact same way! It's come to the point where I have to go where I know absolutely no one will see me taking the pictures, or else I get too awkward. haha oh the struggles of fashion blogging in P-town! :)

  14. Living in a college town, I totally get this. I have some hilarious bloopers of me feeling completely awkward. The best (worst?) time that this happened was taking vintage-y picture in town with my roomie and this creepy guy from my office drove by a waved and HONKED? WHAT THE WHAT? Gross. I felt gross.

    Well, you gals both look lovely - hope that all is well! Good luck on finals coming up!


  15. I love those outfits!!

    xoxo, Lexie


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