Monday, March 25, 2013

Insta-Life: Times Are A-Changin'

So it turns out that a lot has changed recently. Our best fran Chelsea got hitched, we got a new roomie, and some of us are graduating this semester. The world is our oyster! Here are a few pics to celebrate the beautiful changes in life, courtesy of instagram.
Our little Chich! She was obvi trying to hold Mad's hand.
Matching lips n' scarf
The gang at Passion Pit & Matt and Kim! The sweatiest concert of our lives.
Channeling our inner Dream Girls at Chich's wedding.
Lolo's mom= total hottay
Sleeping kitty-cat in a bookstore. Somebody pinch me.
Chich was such a beautiful bride. More wedding pics to come!
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  1. you know that madison looks like leisl from the sound of music, right?

  2. What a wonderful Instagram collection! So fun. xx. McKenna Lou
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  3. Yay weddings!


  4. Hey cute girl! Found you from Kelly’s blog @ Eat Yourself Skinny & couldn’t help but say hi! Great blog you have here keep up the fantastic work. I am so happy to meet you and I can’t wait to follow along. Come say hi anytime if you like. I am having two fun giveaways if you want to enter to win.
    Your newest fan!

  5. The scarf is adorable!



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