Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We Likey Wednesday

**First things first, we were featured in BYU's The Digital Universe!
Check out the online story here.
A big thank you to Kelsey for interviewing us! 

Girl Crush: Coco Rocha
If you don't like her from 'The Face' yet...
first of all, what's wrong with you?
Second of all, this should take you off the fence on onto Team Coco.

Boy Crush: Jake Johnson
 He's like everyone's guy. Everyone likes him. 
Also, have you noticed...

Flava of the Week: Blue Fin
We are just a couple of girls who can't get enough sushi. Is that a crime?
And when it's half off errday (as in, $5), why not just do it?
And why don't they just say that their sushi is $5, instead of $10 and half off?
So many questions...

We Want: Leather sleeves
It's still freaking cold here in Utah, so wanting jackets isn't completely crazy. 
Plus leather sleeves are a nice touch. Not too biker chick, but all the way bad a.

Tunes: Bruno Mars 'When I Was Your Man'
Alright... so some Bruno Mars songs are OKAY. 

Funnies: Kid President
Yes, yes. We know you've all seen it. 
But maybe this is just incredibly inspiring and you should watch it again. 


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  1. Jake Johnson! he is amazing! so funny and so adorable! great taste, gals! :D

  2. Hahahaha. I love the guy crush! Jake Johnson is the man!


  3. Jake Johnson= amazing on new girls!
    and I want leather sleeves too!!!
    i want!!!!

    pay me a visit!

  4. love jake johnson!

  5. Jake Johnson is da bomb! Love him on New Girl!

  6. leather sleeves definitely a must, and Jake Johnson he yells too much on New Girl but maybe that's part of his charm? I gotta admit, Schmidt is more my guy.
    xx Allie

  7. KID PRESIDENT!!! Not to be super hipster or anything (okay, yeah to be super hipster) I watched him before he was famous/and on soul pancake and I am SO happy that everyone now understands what I was raving about. Also Jake Johnson ajsdklfajsdkfljaskdfl -moonwalks away from confrontation-

    xo Deanna | Curly Adventures

  8. love this fun!


Reading your comments is like finding 5 dollars in my pocket. You guys are the best.

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