Thursday, January 24, 2013

We Likey Wednesday

Girl Crush: Samantha Barks
Another shout-out to Les Mis, but can you blame us?
Samantha Barks plays Eponine and she's beautifulsexyhotmeow. 

Boy Crush: Nicholas Hoult
You might recognize him as the hot zombie guy in Warm Bodies 
(which we are actually really intrigued to see). 
He's hot in real life, too. So that's pretty cool.

Flava of the Week: Diego's Taco Shop
One day we were really craving Mexican food (which is kinda a rare occurrence for us), and we went to Diego's and fell in love. Something about their rice was just so good. Get you some!

We Want: Beanies
We just love MK

We also love 'Yonce.
When you're feeling really bro ho (or you haven't washed your hair all week), what do you do? Put that beanie on, girl. No one will ever know.

Tunes: "Sun" Two Door Cinema Club
Sometimes when we're looking for new songs, we like to look at our Shazam's. 
Little unbeknownst to us, we both Shazamed this song recently. 
That's why your know you're slowly morphing into the same person. 

Funnies: Shia Lebouf  "NoNoNo"
 You be sayin nonononono, when it's really yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah.



  1. I love beanies as well!


  2. ahhh i want to see warm bodies.
    looks funny.
    and diegos, such a classic. i love that place.
    beanies are a must, today i will be freezing my ears off because i forgot mine.


  3. HAHAHA! That Shia Lebouf video just killed me! Oh my word!

  4. That Lebouf video just made my night!

  5. I am in love with Samantha Barks too she's so god damn pretty!!


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