Wednesday, January 2, 2013

We Likey Wednesday

Girl Crush: Rebel Wilson
Some may recognize her as 'fat amy' from Pitch Perfect.
(we're not being mean, she prefers being called that)
We like her because she doesn't give a crap. She does exactly what she wants...
Like dress up as a mermaid.

Boy Crush: Eddie Redmayne
Probably the hottest red-headed man that has ever walked the earth. 
We didn't realize he existed until Les Mis, and then he definitely existed (if you know what we mean).

Flava of the Week: Smokehouse
If you're ever in the Orem area and craving some super yummy pulled pork sandwiches, 
go to the Smokehouse! You won't regret it.

We Want: Hair Clips
We are really digging these bold hair clips and side swept hair.
It's like the more modern/ overall better take on the emo bangs we had in jr. high.

Music: Ben Gibbard, "Teardrop Windows"
Because who doesn't love Ben Gibbard bad boy style?

A guy photoshopped Justin Bieber's face onto stock photos. 
  Not only are these extremely funny, but also creepishly well done.



  1. I LOVE Rebel Wilson. She is hysterical. Also, those things with Justin Bieber's face on them are priceless. I love these posts!

    xo, Amy

  2. haha I love your girl crush.
    I love her in Bridesmaids & What to expect when you're expecting! So funnY!

  3. Rebel Wilson is the funniest. Watch her interviews - you will die. Also, Eddie is in My Week With Marilyn!! One of my absolute favorites - watch that and die too. FOR REAL. what a beautiful man. xo

  4. Definitely loving the hair clips. Rebel Wilson is a queen. And Eddie Redmayne is my love. Besides my hubby of course...
    xo TJ

  5. that girl is so funny. love her.
    and i haven't seen les mis yet, whoops.
    oh jbiebs

  6. so glad eddie made the boy crush cut.

  7. All of these are so good! Justin Bieber face is my favorite.

  8. What can I say? Like you girls I didn't know Eddie existed until Les Mis (well, I did but never realized how INCREDIBLY GOOD LOOKING he is)! Those freckles, eyes, hair...everything. I'm in love.
    xx Allie.

  9. Rebel Wilson = perfection. I have watched Pitch Perfect so many times over this break. Also, may or may not have change my roommate's name (which is also Amy) to "fat amy" in my phone. Even though she is so skinny-minny, she appreciated it too.

    Also, that Bieber pickle is quite hilarious. Two words I never thought would be paired together.


  10. Eddie Redmayne is probably one of the most attractive people to grace this earth. I can not get over him

  11. Eddie Redmayne... if you like him you DEFINITELY should see "My Week With Marilyn." It is absolutely fantastic! He really is just unreal.

  12. ohmygosh!! Rebel Wilson is ah-mazing(:
    you need to see this interview she did with Ellen if you haven't already.

    -Samantha J.


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