Monday, January 7, 2013

Insta-Life: Christmas Break Overload

So here's how our Christmas break went down:
Madison's dad is fedora-ble
Probably the worst case of accidental best friend matching you'll ever see.
Build forts on campus, burnt-out students will come.
When in doubt, put a bow on it.  (And buy them here)
Every time we go to thrift stores now, we can't stop singing Macklemore.
Sailor Moon is sacred to us. 
You know you're having a good time when your main source of entertainment is a lava lamp.
Maddie got a brand new niece for Christmas! Welcome to the world baby Madeline!
Moody Christmas.
This hair clip from the 90's comes with extra attitude. 
The coincidental fortune that came with our lunch on New Years. Also, we eat a lot of Panda Express. 

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Lauren: lolonienie
Madison: manashishi


  1. Sailor moon?! Whaaat. I still have a crush on tuxedo mask :) *faints


  2. Love the bow you had in your hair! There wasn't a link for it, where did you find it??

    1. Oh sorry about that! The bow is from Belle and Whistle etsy shop, and can be found here:

  3. That fort looks so amazing! Looks like you had a pretty awesome break(: And sailor moon?! YESSSS.

  4. these are incredible! love love that fort :)

  5. wow that guy with the lava lamp is extremely handsome

  6. The bows are cute!



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