Thursday, November 8, 2012

We Likey Wednesday

Girl Crush: Anna Kendrick
 In honor of Twilight coming out next week...
Just kidding. Is she even in the fourth book?
We just like all of the characters she plays. Like the funny cute girl that everyone wants to be friends with. 

Boy Crush: Brandon Flowers
You know you love him, too. 
Not only is he a talented musician, but he's just too good lookin'. 
Sometimes life isn't fair...but dang, sometimes it can be sooo good.

Flava of the Week: Station 22
We know we've mentioned them before, but they've jazzed up the place!
Both aesthetically and menu-ally. 
It's very home-sewn southern and super tasty (hello, home-made corndogs!). 
So if you haven't been to the new and improved Station 22, you need to check it out!

We Want: Cat Hat
 So, maybe Madison is the only one who wants this. 
If you think about it, it's like a cuter, more wearable version of Mickey Mouse ears...?
If Manrepeller can do it, I can do it. 

Tunes: Taylor Swift, "I Almost Do"
Yeah, we jumped on the Red train, 
and we might never come off.

Funnies: Wave at the Bus
1. Probably one of the best dads ever. 
2. Where does he get all these costumes?



  1. that first photo is a little too awkward for me...but i guess that's the nakesame of this blog? haha. also, brandon flowers YES.

  2. love this post. super cute!

  3. yes, love her.
    brand flowers, classic.
    and station 22, real good.


  4. Hahaha wave at the bus? What the heck? So funny!!!


  5. Love blasting the new Taylor Swift album. Although I'm not sure my neighbours do... x

  6. Love blasting the new Taylor Swift album. Although I'm not sure my neighbours do... x

  7. Just found your blog and LOVE it! You guys have such great style and inspiration! Newest follower!


  8. I totally want the cat hat too!

  9. Ahh love Anna Kendrick since Up in the Air and she was so awesome in 50/50! Brandon Flowers was my high school crush, I listened to the Killers mercilessly.

  10. thanks for exposing me to cat hat. cat hat rules.

  11. brandon flowers just seems to get better looking with age!

  12. brandon flowers. brandon flowers. brandon flowers.
    bf is my bf.


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