Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We Likey Wednesday

Girl Crush: Florence Welch
We're mad crushin' on Florence for a lot of reasons. 
Not only do we appreciate her beautiful voice, but also that she can wear bedazzled leotards, velvet capes and still look awesome. 
Boy Crush: Oliver Sim
So, we went to The XX concert last night!
And can we just say that Oliver Sim's voice is pure sexyness?
He makes us want to wear all black and join a 90's rapper look-a-like cult. 

Flava of the Week: Black Sheep Cafe
Have you been thinking, "man, I'm really craving some amazing Southwest Native American cuisine?"
If no, then shame on you, who hasn't been craving that?
If yes, then get some Navajo tacos at the Black Sheep and your taste buds will be like aldjfa ojfa dalj f!!

We Want: Halloween Costumes
Someone please give us cool ideas for Halloween costumes. 
Everything we've come up this far are either extremely cliche, or borderline inappropriate. Save us from the fate that is our go-to 90's outfits.

Tunes:  The XX "Chained"
Sorry/ not sorry we talked about them twice. We're just a little obsessed.

Funnies: Asleep at BYU
Another reason why we can never fall asleep on campus. 



  1. Hahaha your halloween costumes hysterical! I love it! I don't understand why people fall asleep on campus, don't they know it's embarrassing?


  2. Okay go to American Apparel's website and click on their Halloween costumes and get some inspiration from that. Even if you don't, they are good for a laugh. :)


  3. Love the xx! Jealous!

    xo Emily

  4. Halloween costumes? I say go as Hunger Games capital people....any kind of crazy fashion/makeup/hair will work. Tons of room for fun....

  5. Toddlers in Tiaras! That's what I'm doing for Halloween this year!

    ~Anna Lee McFadden

  6. haha nice halloween costumes! love them! haha

  7. wasn't the xx concert phenomenal? i was on cloud 9 the entire time. oliver is such a sexy beast. i was in the front row right in front of him the whole time and every time he'd do the deathly glare, i got goosebumps.

    and black sheep is all sorts of amazingness. have you guys had their creme bruless? it has jalapenos in it. unreal. and their burgers are also sublime.

  8. We we're Wayne and Garth (like 100 years ago) and it. was. epic.

  9. love florence, she's gorgeous. and i love the xx, soooo jealous you got to go. so so jealous.
    still need halloween costume. dang it.


  10. I love these posts, they crack me up!

  11. I am literally addicted to Florence. I listen to her non stop. It is getting a little out of hand. I am glad someone else loves her too!

  12. Your blog is so much fun, it's like somewhat interactive even when Im just reading through.
    love your blog dear, how would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and GFC?

  13. hottest pic of you two on the 'nets. also, flo is madddddd hot.

  14. bahahaah! You guys crack me up! That lip reading is HILARIOUS!!!
    I have a giveaway going on on my blog right now! Check it out!

  15. The Halloween Costumes picture... priceless! :D

    Ya'll are so gorgeous. I always love coming back here to see the posts.
    tiana of l'esthetique


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