Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We Likey Wednesday

Girl Crush: Nina Garcia
Nina's just one the many reasons we love project runway-- she just always looks so polished!
"Don't bore Nina!" 

Boy Crush: Five Point Fox
Sister (brother?) blog to one of our fave blogs, CGWP
this guy knows his stuff. 
Seriously, every man should be taking notes.
We can't even see his face, and we know he's hot. 

Flava of the Week: Which Wich
We journeyed here for the first time last week, and we were pretty satisified. 
You can literally make the sandwich of your dreams! If you've never been, put your creative pants on and get your booty over there. 

We Want: Umbrellas!
What better way to get pumped for those upcoming rainy days than an adorable umbrella?

Tunes: Jenn Blosil, "On My Own"
We saw this girl at the Rooftop Concert Series, and she was amazing!
She is trying to raise money to record her own album. If you like what you hear, check out her kickstarter page and help her in the cause!

Funnies: Bad Lip Reading "The Hunger Games"
The more they make, the more we have to share. 


P.S. Don't forget to enter our Girl's Night Out giveaway!


  1. Hahaha that bad lip reading had me in stitches! Can't get enough of it.

  2. LOVE Nina, and even more I LOVE project runway! I also love jenn blosil's music and bad lip reading. My roommates and I were cracking up over that last week :)

  3. oh the bad lip reads, gets me everytime.
    and i want one of those sandwiches now!


  4. Have you seen this post?
    Totally him and totally hot. I'm all over that.

  5. I want those umbrellas and those sandwiches look amazing. Next time I am in Orem, I am definitely going there!


  6. Wow, that girl's voice is out of this world!!

  7. I love all the cute umbrellas!! Also, those sandwiches have my mouth watering! I might have to try this place out!


  8. gimme that heart umbrella! urban has these great clear ones -- they're these huge bubbles too -- with different colored piping. but they're on backorder until infinity. DRATS! also, i'm going to show robbie five point fox & he is going to die. that husband of mine has an addiction and it starts with "men's" and ends with "fashion blogs." i can't tell you how many times i've woken up to the tune of, "uhm, bridget, let's have a deep exegesis of gq's guide to suit tailoring."

  9. Ok, so about your current boy crush... I need to see his face! I know he has to be attractive, but I just need to see it. Haha Also, that video had me in tears the first time I watched it! Hahaha so freaking hilarious!

  10. k this blog is the cutest thing! so glad i found it!! I have a giveaway going on right now on my blog for you Utah girls too!

  11. That's Kiel James Patrick, CGWP's BF of 10 years...

    With Love From Michigan


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