Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We Likey Wednesday// FNO Giveaway Winners!

Girl Crush: Diana Argon
 When Glee started, we always thought Quinn wore the cutest outfits. 
We don't like Glee anymore, but we still love Diana Agron.

Boy Crush: Tyler Blackburn
You guys know we're all about PLL. 
Tyler Blackburn, aka. Caleb, is no exception. 
Sensitive bad boy? Sign us up, please. 

Flava of the Week: Crepes
Fill it with sweet stuff, fill it with dinner-y stuff, fill it with anything! 
So yummy.

We Want: Leather Skirts
We have a leather fetish, it's true. 
And now it has moved to leather skirts!
We think it's such a great transition piece into Fall, don't you?

Tunes: Dirty Gold, "California Sunrise"
An ode to our home-state
and a last hurrah for good summer music as the weather (hopefully) cools down.
Funnies: Bad Lip Reading-- Twilight
Twilight would probably have an academy award by now
 if this was how the movie really went.
And the lovely ladies that will be joining us at FNO tomorrow are...
Kylee of Fashion Fever
Kailee of Peach Lemonade
Ciara of Cross Contamination  
Congrats Ladies! 
Email us at so we can confirm and put your names on the list! **Be sure to email us by 2pm tomorrow to get on the list!**
Can't wait for tomorrow! It's going to be off the chain!


  1. Oh my, I am the SAME w glee! And ya, caleb?! He's always been my favorite PLL boy. From the beginning. :) Mmmmm. haha!
    I've wanted a leather skirt for forever, now! AND I JUST saw that twilight video earlier today! Someone shared it in my 7Q's link up. TOO funny!

  2. My cousins wrote that Caliornia song! Haha loved this post :)

  3. great post!

  4. ... that bad lip reading just made my day.

  5. Normally I hate leather...but I have been eyeballing those full, 50s style leather skirts lately...

    And dittos on crepes. Oh my GOSH. I love the ones with strawberry and mascarpone filling.

    <3 Cambria

  6. ha, caleb from PLL. too perfect!
    xo TJ

  7. Diana is just perfect in every way.

    I am seriously addicted to this blog.
    You people are what every college kid wish they could be...and what every college kid wished everybody else was...

    whatever, I just love it.


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