Monday, August 27, 2012

Sponsor Post: Jessica Who?

Hey guys! We are so excited to share a Q&A sesh with one of our lovely sponsors, Jessica from Jessica Who? On her blog, you'll find tid bits on fashion and her cute life with her family! She's super funny and loves to make new friends! So make sure to check out her blog and say hello!
Make sure to mosey on over to her Jessica Who? and give her some love!

PS. We're still looking for a more sponsors of all sizes for the month of September. See our sponsorship page here and email us at if you're interested!



  1. Super fun to read ;) Thanks for sharing a great blog!

    <3 Cambria

  2. love this! thanks so much for sharing ME with your readers today! xx

  3. She is adorable! Following :)

  4. aww Jessica is adorable! I haven't been back home to Honolulu since Christmas...I miss it so much!


Reading your comments is like finding 5 dollars in my pocket. You guys are the best.

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