Monday, August 20, 2012

Guest Post: Wearing it On My Sleeves

Oh hello again! Today we have yet another guest post for you. If you haven't checked out Sarah from Wearing It On My Sleeves yet, then consider this your lucky day. Because once you see her oh-so-fly style and read her hilarious writing, you'll be hooked.

 (Fun Fact: One time we met Sarah whilst Zumba-ing. We were all really sweaty and it was awesome.)

Anyways, enjoy!
Oh hey. sup.
I know I know I'm not the lovely Awkward Girls. 
They're partying it up and asked me to come on over and fill in for them (Thanks guys, I'll have them clothed, fed, bathed and in bed by 9!)

Whenever I see a guest post it's like I've just walked into my house and some random stranger is in my home wearing my bathrobe, using my toothbrush and simultaneously eating all my Nutella. 
You want them to leave as soon as possible so your once normal house can get back to unintruded bliss as usual. But don't worry, I promise they will be back in no time, but until then you'll just have to get to know this Nutella eating, bathrobe loving girl.
shirt/jeans: target, shoes: f21, bag: thrifted
I'm Sarah, from Wearing It On My Sleeves. I like clothes (wearing them, not eating them or something freaky like that), I'm sarcastic as crap (on that note, is crap REALLY sarcastic?), I'm in love with thrift store shopping and I have a hot tamale of a husband named Matt and a fluffy pup named Indie (and if that is way too broad for you, you can find a bit more out about me here.)

Fashion wasn't always easy for me. I always liked unique clothes and loved getting gussied up but I never really had a nack for finding trends and creating my own unique personal style.

So one day I just decided I would learn, and I've been on a journey to find out how to have great fashion, not break the bank, and still express my own personal style ever since, and it's been a blast!

Feel free to come check out my blog and go on my life and style journey with me.

Thanks so much girls, they were all little angels. Except for that one over there, she gave me the stink eye the entire time.


Isn't she just great? Hopefully, when we decide to be in shape again we can continue our Zumba adventures and the world will be right again. Make sure you go check out the rest of Sarah's cute style at Wearing It On My Sleeves!



  1. Her blog is so adorable! Thanks for introducing me!


  2. I just love Sarah! She is such a hoot! She was kind enough to a guest post for me a month or so ago while I was in the DR.

    I can just imagine you gals together, it would be so hilarious.


  3. Love her blog!! And I love to see awesome blogs guest post on awesome blogs. Thanks for sharing, ladies!


  4. so gorgeous!

  5. Amazing pants! So cool that you met atzumba :)

  6. love the pants. love the shirt. love the hair. love the lipstick.

  7. This is so cute! Love the outfit!

  8. oh my. you are hilarious. can't wait to explore your blog some more!

  9. I love love love love love those pants. I have worn kind of crazy printed pants two days in a row and all my friends make fun of me. I just think they are wonderful!

  10. GEEEEZE, you girls have posts full of my favorite bloggers this week. Y'all are making the rest of us look BAAAAD.

  11. That bag! Love it!!


Reading your comments is like finding 5 dollars in my pocket. You guys are the best.

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