Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We Likey Wednesday

Girl Crush: Bella Heathcote

Have you guys seen Dark Shadows yet?
While we weren't huge fans of the movie itself, we fell in love with Bella Heathcote's character(s).

When we first saw her, we were all "well, we hate her" 
(which is code for "well, we want to be her").
If you need fashion inspiration, her hair & style is to die for in the movie. 

Boy Crush: Edward Norton

Another movie shout-out. 
After seeing Moonrise Kingdom, we wanted our own little boy-scout leader. 
Is that weird? Probably.
Whatevs. If its wrong, we don't want to be right. 

Flava of the Week: Root Beer Floats

It seems like we've been craving these everyday this summer.
The perfect combo of refreshment-ness. 
Go make yourself one.
Or get one from A&W.
Oh gosh, we're craving one just thinking about it. 

We Want: Clubmaster Sunglasses
So retro. So unisex. So hawt. 

Tunes: Passion Pit "Take a Walk"
We are so pumped to see them at Twilight Concert Series!
It's going to be insane. 
And this song is just so catchy, so good, so PP. Dontchya think?
This is seriously one of the cutest blogs we have ever seen.
Fer reals. **all images via pinterest     


  1. I love My Milk Toof! (that sounds funny in retrospect). Carrot the fish? So cute :)

  2. These we likely wednesday posts are just too cute and informative! Great post

  3. You guys, I just spent a solid hour reading milk toof and I you have re-affirmed why I freakin' love you guys! I'm addicted to watching to teeth do things!

  4. I love these posts. They make my Wednesday...well, usually my Thursday cause of the time difference but whatever :P
    Please tell me what a root beer float is? I've heard of them in movies but I have no idea what they are and they sound really cool! Plus my work is one of the very few places around where I live that sells A&W root beer, so I could totally use that :D Rhi xx

    The Wildest of Dreams

  5. Lauren, your bangs look sooo cute! I was going to say something on Sunday but I'm just a big chicken lol
    THank for sharing about My Milk Toof! Love it!!!

  6. love Passion Pit. They're one of the best!

    found the route

  7. but reaaallly. he rocked it in moonrise kingdom. bahh passion pit! i am still bummed that i won't be around when they come for the twilight series. go & enjoy it for me?!

  8. Eep, need a pair of those retro sunnies! They'd be perfect in my closet :) Also agreed on of my fav movies is The Illusionist.

    <3 Cambria

  9. I could definitely deal with someone giving me a root bear float like that right now.

  10. omg the milk toof thing is beyond funny! where do you guys even find this stuff...

  11. Good grief almighty, I sure love you guys the most on Wednesdays.. yep.. still stalking.. from Gentri's.


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