Monday, July 2, 2012

Insta- Life: Summer Edition

Hello there!
So Lolo's camera has been out of commission for a little bit. 
Thus the lack of outfit pics on the blog as of late.
But never fear, instagram is always here. 

Take a looky at what we've been up to this summer...

One night after zumba, we really wanted Big Mac's. It evens out, right?
Here's a little snippet of our apartment. All DIY and stuffs.
Would ya look at that tall glass of water! The lemonade was pretty good, too.
Have you Provo-ites ever been to Neilsen's Park? If not, you should definitely venture there.
Maddie got some new specs.
Why do fishtails always look best on blondes?
Little sailor Grey babe.

But wait! There's more!
Stay tuned for a FAB giveaway tomorrow.
We promise not to disappoint. 



  1. I think fishtail braids just look good on anyone with a lot of different tones in their hair, which usually ends up being blondes.

  2. i still struggle doing a fishtail braid no matter how many tutorials i've seen & tried *sad face*
    my guilty pleasure from McD's is #15. Hmmm... and Sweet Tea.

  3. Cute cute! Love the new rims.

    Hey, I'm doing an instagram link-up on my blog. If you have 20 seconds... I'd love to have you!!


  4. totally dig the diy home décor ((:

  5. zumba plus any kind of junk food definitely evens out! me and a friend grabbed icees and movie theater candy after class last night haha

  6. Haha my son has the exact sailor shirt.

  7. that lemonade looks so refreshing!! Love the new glasses!



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