Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We Likey Wednesday

Girl Crush: Mary Kate and Ashley

It's no secret on this blog that we're more than obsessed with the Olsens. More than obsessed, less than healthy. But whatever. Look at them! Ultimate girl crushes.
(okay, now we've probably sufficiently creeped you out.)
Today is the blessed day that they were born, so we had to honor them. 

Happy Birthday MK+A!
We also want to dedicate THIS song to you. 

Boy Crush:  Drake/Aubrey Graham
Last name: Ever. First name: Hottest.
Drake, our love for you has transcended time. We loved you when you were basketball Jimmy on Degrassi. Then we loved you when you were wheelchair Jimmy.  And we loved you when we first saw a picture of you as Drake and thought, "Hey, that guy looks like wheelchair Jimmy from Degrassi."

And we still do. 

Flava of the Week: Muddy Buddies
So it's possible we have eaten Muddy Buddies for actual meals on more than one occasion this week. 
These things are like crack. Not that we know what crack is like. 

We Want: Jean Vests

We have realized that jean jackets/shirts are always in style. Always.
But what happens when it's too hot outside to wear them?
Cut the sleeves off. Duh.
And look pretty bad-A while doing it. 

Tunes: Florence and the Machine, "Shake it Out"
This song has been the anthem of empowerment in our lives for the last couple of weeks. 
So good!

So this is more cute than funny, but we had to share. 
They might as well rename it, Babies That Dress Better Than You.



  1. Oh man! Drake! Every time I see him I'm transported back in time to the days of Jimmy in Degrassi and how fantastic that was. I honestly can't even call him Drake. He's just Jimmy. Or his real name, Aubrey.

  2. Muddy Buddies: ALWAYS!!!!!!!!

  3. hahaha amen to the jimmy in degrassi comment and I can't wait to thrift a jean jacket so I can cut off the sleeves, its become like the holy grail in thrifting for me!

  4. Totally have a girl-crush on MK&Ashley. No weirdness there. :p

  5. ps. love that florence and machine song!

  6. And when is MK & Ashley NOT a Girl Crush of ours? NEVER! Love them. Giveaway on my blog today, btw! Love you ladies.


  7. Loved your spotlight on drake. I too have loved the evolution of Jimmy-wheelchair Jimmy- to Drake. Also I agree with the olsen twins. Did you watch their movies when they were detectives as kids? Youtube it, its a good laugh.

  8. mk+a who doesn't love them. seriously. they are all kinds of perfect.
    i was listening to this song yesterday and remembered home much i like.
    ps my kids will have swag.


  9. the drake tribute is awesome!
    love me some drake :)

  10. Not the only one with an Olsen crush ;) xx


  11. Seriously, who knew Michelle Tanner would grow up to be so stylish?
    xo Jac

  12. I feel like this little girl should be on here...

  13. I really want a long drapey maxi skirt like that pretty white one...and yes, totally agree on the Olsens. Would kill for their closets.

    <3 Cambria

  14. Just came across your blog, cute, following!

  15. mmmm love the twins...and all the kids are so so adorable i can't stand it xo still one of my favorite blogs!

  16. Okay, the jean vests...YES!! and those kids with swag pull on my fashion/mommy heart strings. :)

  17. i hate when toddlers have cooler clothes than i do.


Reading your comments is like finding 5 dollars in my pocket. You guys are the best.

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