Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We Likey Wednesday

Girl Crush: Kate Middleton
We guess this one is pretty apparent. She masters being royal and classy while still dressing modern and fresh. 
Who doesn't love her/want to be her, really?
You know, besides the whole duchess thing. 

Boy Crush: The Avengers-- the whole lot of them
We were trying to decide on one, but it just wasn't possible. 
This isn't even a cop-out boy crush, because they all bring something hot to the table.
Iron Man: Comic relief
Hulk: Brains
Thor: This doesn't even need an explanation. He's just pure man.
Captain America: Moral compass. And his amazing hiney.
Samuel Jackson: Eye patch

Flava of the Week:  Hamburgers/ Help us
 This is a desperate cry for help. 
Not only are we looking for Utah's best burger joint, 
but we are seriously running out of ideas for flava of the week. 
We know you guys have the goods, do share? 
We ain't too proud to beg. 

We Want: Embroidered Shorts
We wish we could wear these, and that they weren't so expensive. 
Someone should wear them for us, okay? 

Tunes: Of Monsters and Men "Dirty Paws"

Ever since Lauren saw them a week ago, we've kinda been listening to them nonstop. 
We likey, do you?

Funnies: True or False...?
You know why you used to make T's and F's look the same on tests when you didn't know the answer?
Welp, this is the best technique we've seen yet. 



  1. I have a girl crush on Kate Middleton too ;) She is so beautiful!
    I love the true/false picture at the end.. so funny!


  2. have you guys been to culvers in lehi??

    a new favorite - ESPECIALLY if you like cheese curds and delicious oreo marshmallow shakes! you've got to try it out, their burgers are like unto in-n-out but with a bit more substance maybe?

    try it!

  3. cute embroidered shorts, I want one too! The true or false answer is clever, though I doubt if my previous teachers would buy it. lol :D

  4. I love of monsters and men greeeeaaaatt choice.

  5. AVENGERRSSSS. Iron Man is my #1. But I agree with Thor. Pure man. And that accent. Hmmm...

  6. guys, i havent seen avengers yet, im a loser. however, my work is going to go together apparently i have to be thor (bc i work with 6 guys) im the only one with long blonde hair. lol.
    i want embroidered everything.
    also i reallly want to try the frlse thing. haha


  7. Now that you're both 21, why not do a Brew Tour?! Or test different spritzer/meal combos? There are soooo many good beers out there. Just a thought that could add some flava to your lives [and blog!].

    ♥ Sarah

  8. Have you guys had pad thai?! I don't live anywhere near Utah (Miami, Fl up in this piece!) but I'm pretty sure that with some Yelp help you'll find something. :)

    P.S. You forgot some Hawkeye goodness.

  9. Oh, Iron Man is my favourite, but Captain America may dethrone him hot, and he's old-timey! I love it. He's like a super Boy Scout. I don't get the Thor thing, though.

  10. Um, Thor all the way! I know I'm in the minority here, but when I really step back and think about Ironman, he is really a jerk...can't love him that much ;) I'd like to be Kate just to wear some of her clothes, as shallow as that sounds! And great music choice too.

    <3 Cambria

    Enter my HANDBAG GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

  11. For some reason you two are always on the same page as me. I want to be Kate and marry all of the Avengers, minus Samuel L. Jackson. Hahahahahahaha I am crying at the eyepatch comment.

  12. You forgot hawkeye- mystique. Smolder. Butt. Mmmmm :)

    Have you had Venezuelan food? My mother is trying to open a restaurant here in Utah but if not, we'll make you some ourselves! :)

  13. Kate Middleton is my dream...literally I dream about her. And the Hulk is my favorite, Mark Ruffalo's VOICE!

  14. She looks so beautiful! Such a great blog!!! I love it!

    Would you like to follow each others blog via GFC and Bloglovin in order to keep in touch?

    Lots of love,

  15. yep, want those shorts!!
    and kate middleton is beyond perfect. seriously..
    xo TJ

  16. Flava of the week...this is a random medley of things I'm into right now...fajitas, pesto, grilled chicken, roasted veggies, quinoa, wild rice, pasta e faglioli soup:) love your posts chicas

  17. Flava of the week restaurant suggestions:
    Sensuous sandwiches in provo
    La Casita in Springville
    Red Iguana in Salt Lake (zagat rated)
    Dippity in Salt lake (Best cupcakes ever)
    Bombay House in Provo is Thai/Indian

  18. i can so see those embroidered shorts on you girls! so cute!


  19. If you liked the avengers then check out Tom Hiddleston. I have no doubt he will be an instant boy crush. He's the closest thing to perfect a man can be.

  20. hahahahaha that true/false thing literally made me laugh out loud. so freaking hilarious.


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