Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Fun

top: f21, skirt/belt: thrifted, shoes: ae
top: f21, shorts: old navy, necklace: hm, shoes: gap
We hope everyone had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!
Ours was filled with thrift store shopping (50% off at Savers!), BBQ (given), and a late night showing of Mirror Mirror (Lily Collins' eyebrows? We're in love) at the dollar theater. 

Besides having an awesome day off, we hope everyone remembers the real reason for Memorial Day. We are so grateful for the brave men and women who have given their lives serving our country. Their sacrifice constantly reminds us to never take our freedom for granted. 

(We just got so real just now.)

Anyways, we also like to think of Memorial Day as the unofficial summer kick-off. Which means we went to Seven Peaks today for the first time this year. Pass of all Passes, anyone? You better believe we're gonna be there all day every day.

P.S. If you're in the area, we used a coupon code and got our passes for super cheap. Email us if you want in on that action!



  1. Amen to the thanks to those serving our country, it's so important to be grateful amidst all of the bbqs and general summer fun. And (less seriously) Lauren your skirt is beautiful and those colors look pretty awesome on you!

  2. You two are just two cute! (As usual) I'm glad your memorial day weekend was fun!

    XOXO, Deanna

  3. CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTIES!!!! X to the O the Hey to the Ho!


  4. I love the skirt in the top photo. You two are adorable! And was just wondering if it was hard to manage one blog with two authors?


  5. The first outfit is genious. That pattern combination is soo cool!!! I love it! The necklace in the second outfit is really pretty!!

  6. I love the floral print on that skirt, those colors are to die for!
    And I totally agree I am obsessed with Lilly Collin's eyebrows, so expressive and dark and captivating.

  7. yay mixing prints! you look great!

  8. lauren is a mix-master. that skirt rocks my socks off...can you two please take me thrifting?

  9. DAHRling outfits! That floral skirt was not thrifted, are you kidding me?? Such an awesome find! You girls are adorable, and heck YES Seven Peaks!


  10. Love those outfits, summer is harder for fashion for me but you girls got it down, I would love that code if you could!?

  11. 50% off at Savers?!?! Score! Love the thrifted and new mix! You girls rock!

    The Mrs. and The Momma

  12. Love the floral skirt! Completely awesome and such a statement

  13. sounds like a fantastic weekend. i'm loving that skirt your thrifted lauren. and i love that necklace madison. so cute the both of you. also, seven peaks, discounted, with a code? im in. i need a tan. right meow.


  14. cani please have your skirt lauren and if you are feeling generous madison, i'm in love with that necklace :)
    thanks guys, you're great


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