Friday, May 25, 2012

May Sponsor Spotlight!

Happy Friday! Today we would like to introduce you to the rest of our awesome sponsors. Since we are the Awkward Girls, we asked everyone to share an awkward moment. Let me tell you, we were pretty tickled by some of these stories. Check 'em out!

Meet Cecilia from Dearest Lou

Hello lovely Awkward Girl readers, my name is Cecilia and I’m the girl behind Dearest Lou. I blog about thrifty fashion, newlywed life, and about things I find humorous. I’m a very thrifty shopper because I don’t believe anyone needs to spend a lot of money to look fashionable.

An Awkward Moment:
There was this one time my junior year of college when we had to introduce ourselves to everyone in my business law class. Well, I was wearing a rather short skirt and when it was my time to stand up it got caught on my sweater and I ended up flashing everyone in the class my underwear. My face was the color of a tomato until the end of class.

Meet Bethany from The Painted Lady

My blog, The Painted Lady, is basically filled with little sketchy cartoons I draw about my life, but I also show the progress I am making on various paintings and art projects.

An Awkward Moment:
 well--this is probably more of a creepy moment, but I think it counts and it's one of my best stories.
So.  I was house sitting for my big brother and his family while they took a trip to England.  The first night I made my self a small dinner before settling down lazily to watch Gilmore Girls.  Basically I watched it for a while and then when my eyes could barely stay open I turned it off and settled down on the couch to sleep. So I dozed off.  Only to wake up in the morning with a ring on my engagement finger.
A ring i have never seen before. On my engagement finger. It was super creepy, especially when I found out it was my sister-in-law's ring, which I must have sleep-walked through the house to get.  (!!!)  My subconscious REALLY wanted me to have a ring.  

Meet Brittni from With Love From Michigan

I'm Brittni and I blog over at With Love From Michigan. My blog is a mish-mash of daily outfits and teaching anecdotes. I would love for you to stop by and say hello!

An Awkward Moment:
My most awkward moment was at the beginning of my career as a fashionista (ha!) in the 10th grade. Back in 2003 I loved rocking a suede hunter green skirt with my "hooker boots" as we had lovingly dubbed them (aka black knee high boots with a chunky heel). The only problem was the boots were from Payless and they didn't have a lot of grip on the heel... can you see where this is going? So one day, as I'm hurrying to class after the bell, I totally wiped out in said outfit and fell! As I'm laying on my back WEARING A SKIRT with my feet in the air, wishing I would fall through the floor, a cute senior says, "Ummm.... can I help you?" I closed my eyes and said "Please go away so I can stand up with dignity." Oh, the things we do for fashion!

Meet Tori from Eye Candy!

Hi there! You can call me Tori! I blog over at Eye Candy, a place where I share anything and everything I'm loving or lusting after. I believe life is too beautiful to let it pass by without capturing the little moments it has to offer. This little piece of internet is a place for me to share all my thoughts and show you the most important things in my life: my friends and family (and maybe even an occasional fashion post)! Stop by, won't ya? I would love to have you!

An Awkward Moment:
Once upon a time I thought it would be wise to move across the country and play college soccer. I left after two weeks...awkward!

Meet Rachel from XOXO Rachel Sayumi

Hey Awkward Girls readers! My name is Rachel,and I blog over at xoxo Rachel Sayumi. My blog focuses on affordable and fun outfits... The occassional Instagram photo's... and just the lil gold nuggets of life! Come visit me sometime! :D

An Awkward Moment:
 One night,my student ward from church threw a huge end-of-the-year talent show. At the end of it,a guy was saying a prayer to close things off. It was kind of long,and he had a foreign accent,and I was hungry. I started to lose focus, embarrassingly.. and I THOUGHT I heard him say "Amen" but nope,he actually was not done with the prayer. Since I thought he was done,I look up and say loudly.. AYYYYYYY-MEN! Then I realized that he was not done. Three seconds later,he finishes for reals,and everyone in the room turned to stare at me. I'm not one who likes to make a scene,and that's kind of what I did. Oops!!

Meet Jennie of Jennie Moss Design

 I have a lifestyle, DIY and sometimes even a little fashion blog. I live in yellowstone with my cute hubster, and am performing at a semi professional theater called Playmill. I am happily trying to figure out how to be a wife, performer, creative girly and make my house as beautiful as possible. Come join me in my adventures and silly stories!

An Awkward Moment:
Two days ago I was walking home and a huge group of chinese tourists walked by me. I started asking where they were from and what they were up to. They told me they were from china and asked if I knew chinese. I said I knew one song, and could sing it for them. They started yelling in Chinese to a huge group of people, and those people came running towards us. I got so nervous, and then saw them pull out all their video cameras and say "sing your song!!" I sang, and they all cheered and clapped. So turns out I'm probably famous in China, and rule the Chinese youtube, nbd. 

And in case you're interested, we still have plenty of room open for medium sponsors for June. Check out our sponsor page for more info!


  1. Whoaaaa someone out there spells their name like me??!? I do not understand.

  2. oh my gosh, these awkward moments are hilarious.


  3. Laughed out loud at Rachel's awkward moment!!! Too funny!

  4. keepin' it real, keepin' it awkward. i can dig it.

  5. what program do you use to make the flower borders?


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