Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We Likey Wednesday

Girl Crush: Alison Sudol
Alison Sudol is the genius woman behind A Fine Frenzy. We're actually convinced she can do no wrong. From making beautiful music to having impeccable style and the most amazing hair color. How? Just... how?

Boy Crush: Tom Hardy
Maybe we've just been in Provo too long or something, but we've been into bad boys lately. Tom Hardy is just the perfect mix of edginess, and sensitivity that can only be brought on by a hot British accent.
Also we just watched This Means War, and don't get us wrong. Chris Pine is foine, but we found ourselves rooting for Tom Hardy's character the whole movie. Anyone else agree?

Flava of the Week: Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookies
You guys, there is literally nothing better in the world than a cookie inside a cookie. 
It's like Cookie-ception.
We tried this recipe over the weekend and it was a party in our mouths. Seriously. 

We Want: Floral Crown/Headbands
You know when you were little and you were on a soccer team, but you weren't very good... So the coach would have you sit on the sidelines for most of the games, and instead you would spend your time making accessories out of grass and tying dandelions together to make crowns?

No, that didn't happen to you? Yeah... us either...

Tunes: School of Seven Bells, "Half Asleep"

This song pops up all over our Pandora, all the time. We Likey.

Funnies:Seth Galifianakis Interview

We think it's pretty obvious we have a thing for Zach. 
This just makes our love even more deep and real. 



  1. I love Alison! She is why I have red hair.

  2. i love a fine frenzy, shes perfect.
    tom hardy yes. watched this means war last weekend and thought the same thing.
    just bought some oreos, might have to try that.

  3. I felt the same way about This Means War! I need to find me the perfect good bad boy. Ya know?

  4. Um, you girls just got some ridiculous points for shouting out to Alison. I am fairly certain that there is not a more whimsical and inspiring lady with some fire burning bright inside of her! Geeze. Any ladies who admire her are ladies after my own heart.

  5. make a floral crown! i did last weekend & it was the easiest, most satisfying diy i've ever done. most of my attempts at crafting sort of fall apart into sad little piles reminiscent of like, say, a phoenix crumbling to ashes. the wicked witch of the west melting. get it? and i laughed so hard watching that movie that i cried...only a tiny bit. also, you should start selling boxes of those cookies door-to-door to fund your thrifting adventures!

  6. I love Alison! I haven't listened to her music in a long time but, I have always wanted her hair color! I've gotten close but mine always ends up bright red rather than the gingery red she has. She is so beautiful! I definitely agree with you!
    I love floral crowns. There is a etsy page called garden of wimsy I think and it sells the most darling ones! I wanted to get one. I think I just might.
    I always wanted to make those cookies!
    Never seen This Means War. Is it good?
    And Zach Galifianakis? Love.
    You guys are wonderful.

  7. Totally agree about This Means War. I'm still just mad at Chris Pine because of that movie because his character got on my nerves. I shouldn't take it out on him though. It's not his fault, he's just doing his job.

    And those cookies. . .don't you tempt me with a good time.

  8. OH my heck! I TOTALLY agree about Tom Hardy! Seriously! What a man! :) :)

  9. Laughing out loud in my room. By myself. That Seth Galifianakis video kills me! Thank you so much for that


  10. You have a gorgeous blog, girls! I'm following you :)

  11. Hola he llegado blogeando a tu blog y me parece interesante. Te invito a que visites a bruna....

    Si te gusta.... no dudes en seguir nuestras actualizaciones!!!!

  12. TOM HARDY TOM HARDY TOM HARDY!!!!!!! I just saw This Means War, too, and totally took it personally when Tuck got the boot. I mean FRICK! He's way more my type than FDR (Tom reminds me of my hubs:)) and I HATE it when the nice guys doesn't get the girl. I might have been extra hormonal that day because I started my period but I just llluuurrrrvveeee Tuck.

    You girls slay me.


  13. ok, so i dream every day about having the right skin tone for that exact hair color. i usually relieve my jealousy by listening to a fine frenzy, so i guess it's a win after all! ...also, i developed my undying love of scruffy/bearded men whilst at byu (ironic), i think because of the lack of said manly feature. after the drought of testosterone, i came out of there in a rabid frenzy for any and all scruffed men. it hasn't abated 3 years later. that is all.

  14. Alison and flower crowns? I've never seen a Wednesday this good!

  15. ohhh, i really want small flower crowns like these!! adorable!
    and seriously, how does she have perfect hair? wishing i could pull off this look :)
    xo TJ

  16. one of my favorite songs-ever.

    you guys have inspired to start my own fashion posts! check it out :)

  17. tom hardy! ahhh such a babe.
    p.s. i like your blog. it kind of rocks, you two!

  18. May I suggest watching Zach Galifianakis Live at the Purple Onion? It's an hour and a half of tears and sore faces.


Reading your comments is like finding 5 dollars in my pocket. You guys are the best.

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