Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We Likey Wednesday

Girl Crush: Lilly Collins

Do you like Phil Collins? Do you like daughters of Phil Collins? Particularly daughters that are cute and dress well...of Phil Collins?

We know. So do we. 

Boy Crush: Hugh Dancy
 What? Why haven't we talked about him yet?
It's mind bottling, really.
No one looks better in a suit than Hugh Dancy. No one. 

Flava of the Week: Maple Donuts {via BYU Sugar n' Spice}

Every time we go to the library to study, we somehow end up here. 
We're not mad about it. 

We Want: Lady Ties

We just came across this cute Etsy shop, Flappergirl and they have all these cute little neckties for girls. 
You know how much we love being slightly androgynous...

Tunes: Benjamin Francis Leftwich, "Atlas Hands"

Cute little boy: Check. 
Whimsical props: Check.
Braids: Check.
Beautiful song: Double check. 

Funnies: SNL- Gotye Backstage

We've all seen that Gotye video, right? Well this makes us giggle. 
Also, Halloween costume inspiration anyone?



  1. agreed. she's too cute! and the single degree of separation from phil is definitely a bonus.

  2. Yes! Lilly Collins is gorg!
    Those ties are so sweet!
    Amy xo

  3. i believe the expression is "mind boggling."
    but that was pretty close! p.s. i love you.

    1. No it's like when you're thoughts are so crazy it's like they're trapped in a bottle.

      It's a Blades of Glory reference, sassy pants.

  4. Oh, I totally thought that picture of Lily Collins was Madison for a moment...

  5. Lilly Collins is adorable. Especially in Mirror Mirror! :)

  6. I looove Lily Collins, she's gorgeous! That last video is truly amazing! It made my laugh! haha

    xoxo, Laura

  7. Hugh Dancy, in a suit....adore.

  8. Omg I can so see you girls in lady ties! So cute!

  9. I soooooooooooooooo need some lady ties, those are absolutely darling! I like tying bits of ribbon around the neck of collared blouses, kinda has the same effet but more lady bowtie :)

    <3 Cambria

  10. Thank you so much for featuring my Lady Ties on your blog! <3

  11. my friends keep telling me to watch this gotye clip - good thing you posted it!

  12. oh gosh, best halloween costume ever!
    and apparently zac efron likes phil collins too, ha
    xo TJ


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