Thursday, April 12, 2012

We Likey Wednesday

Just a little reminder to enter our ECO SWIM giveaway! It ends this Saturday, the 14th!

Girl Crush: Kelly Kapoor/ Mindy Kaling

We definitely miss The old Office, but Kelly is just one of those characters that will never change.
"Fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch!"

This is probably one of our favor Kelly moments.

Boy Crush: Adam Levine

Maybe it's his muscles, the tats, that smoldering look like he's peering into our souls,
 or that he has a sexy-man-falsetto-voice. Whatever it is, we like what we see. We're not ashamed to admit we watch The Voice solely for him. Not one bit.

Flava of the Week:  Jimmy John's 

Okay, so we know this is kinda a cop-out since everyone likes them, but seriously. 
They are always yummy.
AND we just discovered you can ask them not to scoop the bread out. Yes! More carbs, please!

We Want: Wind Breakers
Perfect for Spring when the climate is a bit unpredictable (i.e., when having to deal with bipolar Utah weather).
Color blocking:  Check. 

Chambray. This is seriously the perfect staple jacket. Saving up for this!

Tunes: Angus and Julia Stone, "Just A Boy"

This song is a tad old, but still good. Also, Madison likes to sing it in a high-pitched, baby voice to Lauren whilst she sleeps. 
It's not creepy-- it's love.

Funnies: Kyle Mooney, "Reptiles"

This isn't the first Kyle Mooney video we've posted...
and it won't be the last. 



  1. Oh that chambray jacket is amaze!!!
    Amy xo

  2. I also think Mindy is pretty!


  3. Haha, I remember all the Kelly moments :D

  4. AHHHH hahaha, i love kyle! Also, that color blocking parka? I saw it online yesterday, and then I dreamed about it last night. Yes, I dreamed about it. I think that means I have to buy it.


  5. I watch The Voice for Adam Levine too! And that Jimmy Johns sandwich looks delicious...we don't have one here in Jersey, sadface.

    The Tiny Heart

  6. I love the colors on that first windbreaker! So cute!

  7. Mindy Kaling is SO funny. Fashion show at lunch is one of my favorite things to yell at people, haha :)

  8. i LOVE Kelly on the office! I heard she is getting her own show. Shes a riot & i love her and ryan together! No arguing here w/ adam levine! he is sooo hott!!! Happy Friday!

    xo Kelly


  9. Does anyone know where that color block wind breaker is from?! I need to own that asap!

    1. Hey sydney! it's from American Eagle!

  10. Does anyone know where the color block wind breaker is from?! I need to buy that asap! So cute!

  11. There's a similar jacket (Chambray) at All Saints Spitalfields. Maybe theirs is a heavier parka version of this? $225 :D

    Loved the post :)

  12. Kyle is one of my favorite humans in the world. I am glad you like him too.


Reading your comments is like finding 5 dollars in my pocket. You guys are the best.

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