Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We Likey Wednesday

Girl Crush: Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is like a jack of all trades. And when we say "all trades" we mean, she basically became famous for doing absolutely nothing. But at least she has really awesome style and makes the best hair and makeup tutorials on The Beauty Department

Boy Crush: Adam Brody
This one is a long time coming. Adam Brody has never not looked good. Seriously. He's perfect. 
That doesn't make us sound obsessive at all, right?

Flava of the Week: Corn Dogs
We know what you're thinking. Corn dogs?
We're not talking about the frozen kind you get in a big box at Costco that you eat when you get really desperate. 
Have you ever had a really delicious homemade corn dog? We have. And we've been craving them all week. Does anyone know where we can get one?

We Want: Sandals
Can you tell we're ready for summer over here?
We're gonna miss our boots when it comes, but at least they'll be replaced with cute, strappy leather sandals!

Tunes: Lisa Hannigan, "Little Bird"
We love Lisa Hannigan as Damien Rice's duet partner, but we also love her when she goes solo.
And this music video is trippppyyyy.

Funnies: Beanie Baby Hunger Games

This video combines our two absolute favorite things.
The Hunger Games.
And Beanie Babies.

But we will warn you, this video contains lots of beanie violence.
Oh, and check out Beanie Baby President Snow's Tumblr



  1. lauren conrad, adam brody, and corn dogs? i really don't think this post could get much better.

    but then with the beanie baby hunger games... it did.


    x jes

  2. station 22 has DELISH corndogs :D

  3. I love the beanie babie hunger games bahahah! Oh and of course Adam Brody!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  4. hahah love that hunger games video!! and whoooooop lauren conrad!! :D

  5. dude that hunger game video is HILARIOUS. but someone had way too much time on their hands...

  6. agreed about lauren conrad. I do like her quite a bit, although it is annoying that she didn't do much to get famous!

  7. Dittos on your boy crush...he is one handsome fellow (gotta love that jawline!).

    <3 cambria

  8. okay, lauren conrad is definitely the cutest!! seriously, how she got so perfect. the world may never know!
    adam brody, the OC. need i say more.
    those sandals, i want!!
    and the hunger games!!! hysterical! i loved seeing some of my favorites ;)
    xo TJ

  9. adam brody is my all time celeb crush. seth cohen? best character of all time.

  10. oh man i love adam brody! i have since The OC started...i wish he would make a comeback!

    xx Kelly

  11. Yes I've always loved Adam. He's my second main man ;)
    Also I feel like it's weird that I know who LC is and never watched the hills. That's how famous for nothing she is. Seriously. I wish I could be famous for nothing or at least just get all her cute clothes for free.

  12. I have to agree on all of your crushes and likes! Adam Brody is so adorable... but I think I may love corn dogs more! ;)

  13. If you nicely said, "hey, Andy, will you make me a homemade corn dog?" I would do it for you. Maybe make you dance for it.

  14. If you nicely sad, "hey Andy, will you make us homemade corn dogs?" I would probably make them for you. Maybe make you dance a little.

  15. I kind of forgot about adam brody, he he. Love this feature :)

  16. Stop. Reading. My. Mind.

    Lauren Conrad is my ultimate all-time forever girlcrush.
    Adam Brody/The OC/In The Land Of Women/any relation to Rachel Bilson = more love.
    And. Hot dogs are my favorite food.
    Oh, and my browser tab is open to a pair of sandals I might need to buy from Old Navy. And by need, mean I have no necessity for them whatsoever but am a shoe-a-holic.


  17. well it appears that we both have the same boy about gorgeous

    xo kaitlin

  18. Hi girls! I just discovered your blog an am obsessed. Your style is SERIOUSLY, seriously killer. Instant favorite.

    Corn dogs are THE BEST. And those little white sandals are presh.

    Just wanted to say hi!

    paper crowns

  19. Adam Brody yummy, he's hot!!

    love your blog, following you now!
    xoxo, Laura

  20. I have had a delicious homemade corndog, because I didn't want to have a giant box of them in my freezer all the time. I have the recipe here, and it's very easy and very affordable! BE sure to use Hebrew Nationals, because Ball Parks and such are so greasy and gross.

  21. Really neat blog you got here! Thanks for sharing



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