Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thoughts on Money and Stuff

dress: thrifted, belt: jcrew, boots: franco sarto
dress/cardigan: thrifted, belt: target, shoes: fossil
So today, we want address something that's been on our minds as of late. 
Some people have commented on the fact that we claim to be "poor college students", yet we shop at Anthropologie, J. Crew, Nordstrom and the like. And some people like to rudely call us out on it in anonymous comments.
It's not like we really need to validate our poorness (our bank accounts do that for us), but we felt like we needed to set the record straight. 
Yes we consider ourselves to be poor college students. AND yes, we shop at expensive stores. 
But that seems impossible, they say. How could this be?
Well here is the big secret. We don't spend a lot of money. We just don't. 
When we first started this blog, we kind of wrote about this same topic in this post. But since we've grown a little bit since then, we thought we'd re-share our tips on how we save money:

1. Thrifting! Yes, it can be a little daunting. And a little smelly. And you always end up feeling like you need to wash your hands, but thrifting is a fun way to find one-of-a-kind pieces for super cheap.
2. Always take advantage of sales: It's incredibly rare that we buy any thing full price ever. Nothing hurts our hearts more than when we buy full-priced items, then come back a few weeks later to see our precious baby 50% off. Not cool. 
3. Sign up for emails: The only people that email us these days are our favorite stores (we're popular). A lot of the time, stores send promotion codes or access to sales exclusively to those on the email list. 
4. Ain't too proud to beg: If you think the store is overcharging you for an item (i.e. an item is supposed to be on sale and they're charging you full price), always have them double check the price. They're usually wrong. 
Also, if there's something wrong with an item, (slight damage, missing button, washable stain) always ask for a price cut. Call us cheap, but why pay full price for something that isn't in ship-shape condition?
Most of the time, it's fixable anyways.
(yes these tips are all copy and pasted from the other post)

Also, some side notes:
J. Crew offers 15% off for students and teachers if you bring your student ID. And the outlet is always ah-mazing.
If we're ever wearing something super expensive, it was probably a gift. 

Hope these tips help!



  1. you girls are totally adorable, and i believe one hundred percent on your tips. i'm a married poor college student. it doesn't get much poorer than that, but i still believe in dressing nice. these are all the same tips that i use. sorry some people aren't nice to you, they should maybe listen to utchdorf. love you girlies


  2. people are punks! you guys are super cute.

  3. You're adorable. End of story. I am a poor college graduate, and I have "expensive" clothes, too. To each her own!

    P.S. 2 precious dresses in one post? Fabulosity!

    <3 The Daily Dani

  4. i love these dresses! you two are so cute!

  5. i can't believe how mean people can be behind anonymous comments! you two are absolutely adorable and i am so with you on all of this...i'm a poor college student, but i shop at j.crew, nordstrom, etc. i never pay full price for anything though and if i do, i consider it to be an investment in the future. i always tell my friends i'd rather buy something of quality that will last me for a long time rather than buy something that will looked faded and five years old after only two washes. you two are AWESOME!

  6. Some people are dummbbbbbbbbbbbbbb. They just be jellin. Y'all look HAWT

  7. true that! I feel like people I know think I spend a lot of money on clothes, but really I am suuuper cheap when it comes to clothing. I'll splurge every once in a while, but 90% of what I buy is either thrifted or was on a big sale. And the rest was mostly bought at Forever 21 ;) sorry for the haters!

  8. love this post! :) sometimes I feel like I should go around and tell people how much my clothes cost because I do manage to find things so cheap and I think people assume I am buying clothes all the time and spending lots of money. But then I realize that it doesn't matter what they think. : ) cute outfits, as always!

  9. Don't listen to people that think they can judge you. I love your outfits!

  10. Some of us really are just curious about how you do it! It's really quite amazing! I'm very curious about how you budget your money, but maybe more so your time to shopping/developing your wardrobes? I ask only because I want to be better at it, so I could use some tips there. Also, I've thought this for awhile: what if you did a giveaway where you took the winner thrifting or shopping? I'd love to head out clothes-hunting with your expertise!

  11. Thanks for the tips, ladies! I love the polka dot dress!!!
    xo Jac

  12. Both of these polka dot dresses are amazing...I'm so excited that dots are in right now, I wear them so much! Beautiful sunshine smiles too, ladies. Love it!

    <3 Cambria

  13. i LOOOOVED this post. such good tips for another poor college student.
    love you guys. :)


  14. You girls look absolutely stunning!

    Love, Laura

  15. I think it’s always great learning tips about how to not spend so much money. Thanks!

  16. I love this post and the way you advocate looking stylish and not spending a ton of money. I'm actually currently documenting my wardrobe challenge which is not to buy any new clothes all year! Crazy, huh? I'm 1/4 of the way there. Haha.

    You can read all about it here. And follow along the whole process on my blog, FEST.

    Love you girls!!


  17. So does J Crew offer a military discount? ha ha Don't even trip on what other people say. Keep doing yo thang. If you're bored...check me out.

  18. Oh my! I love that blue dress, the pink shoes, and yellow belt! And the boots are fab too! -Jessica


  19. Both of these thrifted dresses are awesome, girls! Lovelove.


  20. Your outfits are ADORABLE! I especially love those boots. Where's you get them?
    Love your blog!

  21. I must admit, I found this blog through GOMI, but I must say I think you guys are really sweet, you dress well, and your blog is rad. New follower.

  22. Don't listen to other people. People only focus on the negative and how to "call" people out on whatever they feel the need to. It's very easy to be a poor college student and still be able to I don't go out and drink and try not to eat out often so i can save up and purchase that one item that I've been lusting over. Just do your thing!


Reading your comments is like finding 5 dollars in my pocket. You guys are the best.

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