Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shabby Apple Giveaway Winner + Insta-Life

Helloooo everyone!
First things first, we need to announce the winner of our Shabby Apple Giveaway!
The lucky lady is... Alyssa from Breakfast at the Zemke's!
{Winner chosen via}
Congratulations! Email us at to claim your prize!

Thanks everyone who entered. If you didn't win, have no fear!
Shabby Apple is still offering 10% off your purchase at Shabby Apple using the coupon code: awkwardgirls10off

And since it's Sunday, and we haven't done this in a while, we figured we'd give you a little update via Instagram

vintage finds at Bijou Market in Provo
Lauren's nephew is more than slightly obsessed with a certain Gotye music video. We can't say we're mad. The kid has good taste. 
Waterfallin' it. 
That time we decided we liked nature. Aka, hiking Stewart Falls. 
Indie picnic- Wiscahhhnson style
Our new blogger bff, and probably real life BFF, Shannon. Check out her blog, GBO Fashion.
You'll be glad you did. 
How to make us fall in love. Andy, you are my life now. 
Sometimes you go to Krispy Kreme at midnight. Sometimes you flirt/have a therapy session with the guy working there and end up with 16 free donuts. Thank you Tyler from Texas! 

Until next time!



  1. oh my word. So many things I love about this post, mostly the fact that you got a little baby/toddler obsessed with Gotye and that you got 16 free donuts by flirting with a guy! Impressive.


  2. gah! i can never achieve a good waterfall braid like that! i think my hair is too thin. poo!

  3. I am totally jealous of that typewriter! I must find/buy one! Immediately!


  4. You cuties! I just saw this! REAL LIFE BFF... fo real. love your hot bums.

  5. 16 donuts is impressive! suz once got 6 free donuts by flirting with the guy at krispy kreme which was great, but not as great at 16 :)

  6. Dangit! I used to use my mad flirting skills to get free stuff all the time. then I got married, and now....actually, I still use said skills on the hubs quite often when pretty new things are involved! ;)


Reading your comments is like finding 5 dollars in my pocket. You guys are the best.

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