Friday, April 13, 2012

Crunch Time

sweater: f21, skirt: made by lauren (fabric and pattern from Joann's), belt: target, boots: lucky via nordy's
top: f21, dress: anthro, socks: target, shoes: bass
Sorry our blogging has been a little spotty this week. It's that dreaded time of the semester again. 
Finals... again.
Why does it feel like we just had finals? 
Mysteries of the world we'll never know the answer to. A couple more days and it's sweet freedom once again.
In the mean time, we'll be in the library hating our lives having so much fun. 



  1. Blechhhhhh. Finals. We can do it! Right? Can we do it?

  2. Safe to say, your cuteness never fails. Never ever.

  3. Saw you girls at Bijou this afternoon! Never was there a more perfect study break.

  4. Gosh you guys dress so stinkin cute.

  5. You two are adorable. I don't have finals for another 3 weeks. Be thankful you're getting it over with now! Ughh.

  6. in loooove with the cute f21 sweater.

  7. Love the jean top and home made skirt. Super cute!

  8. Wow. You can really look good in any kind of clothes.


  9. Somehow I accidentally ended up on this blog without even knowing it was you guys. That's when you know you've hit it big on this whole internet deal. Beautiful skirts!

  10. Cool pattern mix!

  11. love both of these outfits! Totally inspiring for me and my awkward feelings about skirts. ;)

  12. I think you two are more darling every time you post! I love the pattern mixing in the first outfit, so interesting to the eyes...and the little 40s touches to the second outfit are darling!

    <3 Cambria

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  13. oh gosh, i haven't even seen the mister lately because he's been so busy studying for those terrible finals. can't wait for them to be over! good luck!
    xo TJ


Reading your comments is like finding 5 dollars in my pocket. You guys are the best.

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