Thursday, April 26, 2012

Clinton Kelly Fashion Show

Hey homies. It's us again.

We said we would give you more details about the Clinton Kelly fashion show Lauren worked at last week. So that's what we're doing today.
From Lauren's perspective: A stylist, Alicia Richmond came to my class to give a presentation and asked us if any of us would be interested in helping with a fashion show, that just so happened to be hosted by none other than Clinton Kelly. Yes, THE Clinton Kelly from What Not to Wear, which is the very thing that sparked my interest in fashion. So obviously my answer was yes. My job at the show was to be a dresser, which basically meant I helped dress a model during the outfit changes, and kept the clothes nice and organized. I can't say that I did much, besides help people put clothes on and fumble over my words while trying to talk to Clinton, but I did get to ask him for some advice on becoming a stylist.

Some mental notes I took:
1. He said that there was 2 kinds of styling. Styling for models, and styling for real people. He said he's done both, but styling models gets boring. He definitely prefers styling real people.

2. When styling real women, he has to be led by a gut feeling rather than some style rulebook. You'll style so many different types of bodies, and learn that not all trends work for every body.

3. The best way to grow as a stylist is to keep doing it, and try to dress all kinds of bodies and personalities.

4. Learning how sew and make clothes will help you understand dressing and fit as well. (sidenote: We've done that. He's totally right.)

I had an existential full circle moment when I realized I was listening to life advice from Clinton Kelly and it. was. awesome. 

Macy's was also awesome to work with. Since we helped, we got a bunch of Macy's gift cards and they also gave us a copy of Clinton's book, Oh No She Didn't (Which is SO funny, by the way).
Yeah, we're gonna go hang out later.
All the models and stylists
Pre-show set up stuff

Since I was backstage I didn't actually get to watch the show, but I found some great pictures and decent rundown here. If you were there and have some more pictures, let me know!

Basically it was the best day ever. The end.



  1. aaaaaaaaaamazing!

  2. Wowza...looks like a fab time. It's alot of work tho isn't it? BUT SO WORTH IT!!! :)
    Great job Pretty Lady!

  3. Ah! I love Clinton! My mom and I used to watch that show all the time and when we went shopping we would talk about what Clinton and Stacy would say as though we knew them. So cool that you met him! :)

    ♥ LW

  4. I wanted to go so bad! Love me some Clinton.
    Lauren, what's you major?

  5. bah. i've never been more jealous in my whole life. what class did all this happen in? cause seriously i gotta HOOK. IT. UP.


  6. I...I just died. Do you know how much I love that man? He is a genius. I have his book Freakin' Fabulous and I reference it constantly like evangelists do the Bible. That is so awesome you got to meet Clinton! I am agape with awe (and some jealousy). you go, lady!

  7. LOVE clinton. :) I'm sorta jelous!

  8. you just became the coolest person i know!

  9. this is seriously fantastic. he looks like so much fun and so nice. what a cool thing to do!!

  10. i hate you for getting to do that. i love clinton kelly. especially because he replaced that weird guy from the original seasons. also, i'm sorry i left you guys. i'll be back. also, come visit me in portland? or in san clemente for like a day in may? i'll be there the 17-20 for jake's wedding. pwease?

  11. Dream come true!!! I'm jealous and so excited for you at the same time!

  12. THAT'S AMAZING!!!! Congratulations!

  13. that's amazing girlfrann! do you want to be a stylist after college or what are you going for?! :)

  14. Ah I'm so jealous! I love Clinton!

  15. What class is that and how do I sign up?!

  16. Wow, that's awesome that you got to meet him.
    Wish I would've known about that; I might have gone.


Reading your comments is like finding 5 dollars in my pocket. You guys are the best.

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