Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We Likey Wednesday

Sooooooo. Maybe it's almost been a month since we last did We Likey. But we're finally back in action.

Also, we need to employ you guys for a quick favor!
A friend of ours is running for The Mormon Bachelor (which is kind of like the regular Bachelor but more wholesome and less of Ben's hair). Anyways, his name is Andrew Scott. He sings like Usher and looks like Chad Michael Murray. What more could you really ask for in a man? He really needs your vote, so if you could go to this post and leave a comment that you're voting for Andrew, we'll love you forever! Thanks!

Girl Crush(es): The Ladies of Pretty Little Liars
Okay, so it's time we come clean. We're obsessed with PLL. And even though they don't make the best decisions when it comes to ending up in sketchy situations in the middle of the night with murderers everywhere, we love us some Spencer, Aria, Hannah, and Emily. Is that so wrong?

Boy Crush: Anton Yelchin 
Last weekend was one of those, stay at home, stuff your face, watch Redbox movies kind of things. So we rented Like Crazy. Then we realized that skinny little Russian guy from Star Trek is now kind of really hot. What?

Flava of the Week: Sweet Potato Fries
Sweet potato fries are basically our own personal brand of heroine. If you can tell us a really great place to get them in Utah that's not Guru's or Sammy's*, we'll love you forever.

*We love Guru's and Sammy's, but we're trying to branch out for once in our lives.

We Want: Orla Kiely
All these clothes are really ugly and we would never wear any of them.

(we're lying)

Tunes: Fun. ft. Janelle Monae, "We Are Young"
This song has been on constant repeat in our apartments. And when it's not playing out of speakers, we're singing it. And when we're not singing it, it's playing in our heads.

It's just so catchy!

Funnies: Sh** Fashion Girls Say
These parodies might be kind of old news, but this one is 



  1. YES! I love PLL. Seriously so obsessed. It's a guilty pleasure of mine. :) And that fashion video was hilarious, love it!

  2. sweet potato fries are fab. but my newest discovery thanks to pinterest and other sweet potato lovah's are sweet potato TOTS. yes.
    xx jes

  3. I am still catching up on PLL, it's on par with Gossip Girl for me :) and I totally love the "Sh*t Fashion girls say" hilarious!!

  4. That is exactly what is happening in our house with that song! It kills me but I love it.

  5. i love love love love pretty little liars!! I can't believe the last episode! do you know when it starts up again??

  6. PLL is great! <3

  7. OMGosh girls you are amazing! I love that youtube video about what fashion girls say! Oh and I can't wait til June 13 to go see Fun live! They are amazing, their entire album is rockin!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  8. Oh my goodness, if you like We Are Young, you need to check out Glee's me chills when I hear it!

  9. Oh my goodness I watch PLL too. Cannot even get over it. Not ashamed (ok, maybe a little ashamed... but that won't stop me). I just watched the last episode last night and almost died!!

    <3 Leney

  10. So happy that you're back to We Like Weds, I just love them. I'm insanely coveting a piece of Orla Kiely...seriously, I'd wear ANYTHING.

    <3 Cambria

  11. i love PLL.
    season finale?!!!!!!!! eeek.

  12. don't worry that i watched all of the MoBach vids (as in mo-batch....not Bach, like the musician...anyway) and definitely think that Andrew fellow is cute stuff. my friend zack is in it too so if i can vote for two ppl i will vote for both of them...then i will maybe apply to be on it. because i can.

  13. Love the last video ever since the first time I saw it. Hilarious! :D

  14. love your blog! don't even know how i stumbled upon it. darling. agree on everything in this post especially sweet potato fries and the song. xo

  15. loving your blog! so glad I came across it!...your friend Andrew has officially been voted for by me! Because after all...who really could ask for more than a voice like usher and a face like that! :)

  16. ran into lauren on campus today, it was fun.
    also, im obsessed with pretty little liars.


  17. I love Pretty Little Liars too. I went to dinner with one of my friends the other day & I mentioned the show & she smiled & was so happy she could talk about it with me because she was too embarrassed to admit to her other friends ha ha. Don't be ashamed! I love teeny bopper shows. Makes me feel young again.

  18. looove sweet potato fries + the We Are Young!!

    come check out my blog - there is a surprise for you! :) xx

  19. Hey! Just came across your blog and had to leave some love for Fun. and PLL.

    If you love "We Are Young" you MUST check out the rest of their songs. Add them to your Pandora shuffle. Light a Roman Candle With Me is really good and catchy too!

  20. PLL FOREVER!! :D Haha! So happy to hear other people like it too (that aren't 15).

  21. I'm in love with nearly everything on this list! I just found your blog and I'm loving that too!
    My roommates and I just can't stop singing "We are Young" too, it's a complete addiction!


Reading your comments is like finding 5 dollars in my pocket. You guys are the best.

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