Friday, March 23, 2012


top: jcrew, jacket: a&f, pants: ross, shoes: shoe carnival

top: f21, jeans: ross, necklace: nordstrom rack, shoes: target
What an eventful weekend it's been already and it's only Friday!
Last night, we celebrated the Madison's birthday with a little bit of Spaghetti Factory.
After that, the real adventure began. It was Hunger Games time.
Naturally we were dressed up. It looked something like this:
The final consensus was that we were dressed up as Katniss in different stages.
(Right to left: Reaping Katniss, Katniss before the Games, Katniss during Games, Katniss at some unspecified time, but Katniss nonetheless.)

Let's just say, the crowd couldn't get enough of our Katnii costumes. 

The best part of the night was showing up to the movie theater and seeing the other 300 people there NOT dressed up. As in, yes, we were the only one's wearing costumes. Cool, guys. Thanks.
Anyways, the movie was so intense. We were holding each other half the movie, and the other half we were trying to get over how attractive Peeta was. Seriously, when did that happen? He's the little boy in Bridge to Terabithia...

Did you guys like it? Let us know your thoughts. We haven't stopped talking about it since we got home last night/this morning.



  1. Happy birthday to Madison (even though it's a little late). Ha, love the costumes. You should feel proud you were the only ones dressed up.

  2. I love those costumes!! Who doesn't love Hunger Games enthusiasm?!
    Peeta is such a spunk! I cannot get enough.
    Amy xo

  3. Haven't seen the movie yet. not a fan of crowds in the theater, but Peeta definitely got cute

  4. I haven't gotten to see it yet, I'm trying to wait for the crowds to thin out! Your costumes look awesome!

  5. haha i don't know what i like better. the post itself or the title. love you ladies!

  6. literally just got home from it and loved it SO SO much. Katniss is a bad A and I love Peeta (though, not gonna lie, I think Gale is way hotter, tall dark and handsome helloooooo) I can't wait for the second movie to come out. Madison nailed Katniss' reaping costume. And last of all, I'm convinced that if we knew each other in real life, we would be great friends. You girls rock.


  7. those costumes are awesome! me & the kids are going today (sadly, no costumes), I think I'm more excited than they are!

  8. madison, i neeeed that necklace!

  9. Ahhhh, you guys all looked fantastic for the movie! I dressed up with my sister and friends (they were all Capital citizens and I was Katniss, haha) and no one else dressed up at our theater either! And we went to the midnight premiere on Thursday night, too!

    I held my friend's hand for the first 20-30 minutes of the movie, but then we had to stop because our hands lost circulation from holding so tightly due to suspense, hahaha. Anyway, for the most part I really liked the movie, but so much was left out from the was a little disappointing.

    Wellllll, since Josh Hutcherson is single...I VOLUNTEER! I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!

    Maria Elyse

  10. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm dying to! Peeta is incredibly attractive, but I just can't over his height...He's only like 5'6 in real life. but his looks kind of make up for it. not gonna lie.

    found the route

  11. Hahaha I love that you dressed up.

    I also love the tops you two are wearing in the above photos. Like, I want both of them right now, thanks.

    And, I LOVED the movie. LOVELOVELOVED.

  12. i love your costumes! you girlies look great.

  13. I love your costumes so much! How were you guys the only ones dressed up? What's wrong with all those people? I really enjoy the different stages of Katniss idea. Also, the word "Katnii" is spectacular.

  14. It was amazing! So much better than I was expecting! I don't know, i guess I just had low expectations, but I completely loved it. The actors portrayed the parts sooo well! Seriously, when Peeta touched Katniss' braid at the was just PERFECT. I love Peeta. Too much.

  15. You both are so beautiful ! And your sense of style is amazing !
    I love these outfits, so much, in fact, that I featured them on my blog, this post:
    Thanks for all of the great inspiration your blog brings !


  16. ugh, totally loved the movie!! and i'm so proud that you guys dressed up. there were quite a few in our theatre (we saw the midnight showing at riverwood).
    and yes, peeta = one hot stud.
    xo TJ

  17. lol scratch that, i mean tuesday

  18. Hot red pants & gorgeous yellow shirt! Diggin' it, ladies.
    xx. Jillian

  19. I'm jealous of your awesome red jeans! awesome!

  20. oh my gosh i love your blog! newest follower! i cant wait to read more!

  21. oh, hey there. being a lovely college attending utahn with a tank full of gas and a free saturday, i skidaddled to the festival of colors with some other byu-ans who are quite fabulous. and what did i see amidst a million hippies? Well my friends, i spotted a little bun bobbing about the crowd and i said out loud to my friend... "oh hey! guys! look! someone has a realy cute bun on top of their head!" turns out it ended being one of you. and i screamed with delight and told everyone. not only did they deem me as a creep for recognizing you two but they weren't all that excited. I even said.. "HELLO!!! But guys, those are the AWKWARD GIRLS!!!!" guess they don't understand anything about blogging. namaste. and hare krishna. and all that other jazz. xo kelsey rae.

  22. I can't wait to go see it! I'm dying right now since I haven't been able to since every show is well sold out! AHHH!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  23. Haha, that is so cute that you girls dressed up! I love it! And I love, love, love, your other outfits too! :)

  24. I loved the movie! Of course it wasn't as good as the book, but I thought they did a really good job. I almost died when those dogs came out.

    I love both these outfits! Super cute.


  25. I haven't seen it yet but I am this week hopefully! :)

  26. I totally have that dress that madison wore as Katniss at some point in her life. I KNOW HAVE A HALLOWEEN COSTUME.


    And you both dress so good. TEACH me your ways.

  27. Can't believe you were the only ones in costume! I love what you wore, how completely and totally amazing :) Loved the movie to pieces myself, thought it was a phenomenal depiction of the book (and Seneca was nice on the eyes, I must add)... what did you two think?!

    LOVE that layered mustard top, stands totally on its own!

    <3 Cambria

  28. Cute blog! I really. Want that yellow blouse.

  29. Movie? So good. Your outfits? So good. Your costumes? Fantastic! I wore a mockingjay pin from Walmart when we went on Friday, does that count as dressing up?


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