Thursday, March 1, 2012

Guest Post: Taylor Morgan

 Hello lovelies!
We sure do have a treat for you today. Here is our new blogger friend, Taylor. 
Not only is she gorgeous, but she lives in NYC and has a beautiful bridal line!
 It's safe to say that we're a little bit jealous. 
Read on to learn a little more about her life in the big city.

Hey everyone! My name is Taylor. I am a fashion designer, wife, student, stylist, and big dreamer! My family taught me not only to have big dreams, but to make them happen! And that's exactly what I am trying to do... I left my comfy life to fight for my dreams in New York City! I work as a bridal consultant on 5th ave, go to fashion school at FIT, and blog all about the journey!

I am not going to lie, it can be very hard and very frustrating at times to follow your dreams; to take the road less traveled. But with the fear, the struggle, the pain, and the doubt also come the extreme levels of joy and satisfaction that come from knowing you fought through it and survived!

In 2010, while my husband was finishing school in Austin Texas, I decided to produce my first bridal collection. I just went for it, and came out with my first bridal line. It can be seen at After that, I realized I wanted to learn more, and push myself even further, and so my husband and I moved to NYC.

My blog is this journey, and I hope you will join me! :)


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Like what you see?
Mosey on over to Taylor's blog and say hello
and be sure to check our her wedding line!



  1. She is gorgeous, she must have made the most beautiful bride :)

  2. Very nifty!!! I love learning about new blogs and people, so thank for sharing. Her collection is gorgeous...and now I have a new blog to follow. Thanks, ladies.

    <3 Cambria

  3. oh gosh, now this has definitely motivated me to do what i love!!
    we have to go out and get it!
    xo TJ

  4. i love her sketches - and that first dress she is wearing is super cute. i'm running over to visit her blog now

  5. wow love! she seems fantastic!

  6. thank you for this!! it's my dream to move to NYC to pursue my love for fashion.. always helps to hear about others' stories and to get motivation!! checking out her blog...NOW. xx

  7. her styles are really incredible. you can tell by the fabric she is really good. she will go a long way!

  8. wow, love this post. She seems like she really has followed her dreams! Inspiring! :)


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