Thursday, March 15, 2012

Guest Blogger: The Happy Hour

Hello pretty people! Today we have a very special guest blogger for you!
We serendipitously stumbled upon Meg's blog, The Happy Hour a few months ago and have been more than slightly obsessed ever since. She's not really a fashion blogger, but should be because she has the cutest style. Funny story: When she emailed us this guest post, she was like "sorry if my outfits aren't cute." Yeah Meg, they're pretty ugly... You should probably just send them to us and we'll get rid of them for you...

Anyways, enjoy!
it's a happy day here in sunny california, it's 75 degrees out and i'm just lounging by the pool. ok, ok, so the pool part is not true, but that sunny 75 degrees sure is! let me rewind a little.... 
i am meg, he is tanner, and together we are the hams! after our quick meet-n-greet in banana republic in utah we became inseparable, (after i broke up with his best friend that is)... we then fell fast in love and were married in the summertime of 2009. peer pressure from friends and family of not starting a family in our first year of marriage, caused myself to start a blog! annd if blogging is anything like what type of mother i'll be... at least i'll be consistant even though i don't know what i'm doing! ha
since then we made a move to southern california where we currently live now. i am learning the ins and outs of my new town and good places for grub. while, i'm no fashion blogger, these beautiful awkward girls asked me to share some outfit love today. we hope you come and stop by the happy hour to get HAMmered with us! :winks: 
with love,


Are you in as much love as we are now? We thought so. 

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  1. Such cute outfits! Excited to check your blog out :]
    xx. Jillian

  2. she seriously needs to stop being so cute

  3. shes so beautiful! and those outfits are fantastic!

  4. oh she is soo cute! off to check her out!


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