Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We Likey Wednesday

Girl Crush: Emma Watson
We tried to resist the urge to use Emma Watson as our Girl Crush for a long time, since everyone and their mothers love her. But we just couldn't help it. She's probably the classiest actress under 25. And one of our favorite style icons. We tip our hats to you, Emma.

Boy Crush: John Krasinski
We lost a significant amount of interest in the Office when Michael Scott left. But as long as John Krasinski is there, we're still watching it. Can we just pretend Jim's real?

Flava of the Week: Pantrucas Chilean Restaurant

Pantrucas is a locally owned Chilean restaurant in Provo. If you live here, you must go. And when you do, can you take us with? The owners are so sweet, the food is amazing, and the fresh squeezed juices will make your taste buds weep with joy.

We Want: Alexa Chung for Vero Moda
We want everything Alexa Chung wears. Ever.

Tunes: Neon Indian, "Polish Girl"
If you're needing a funky, upbeat, winter pick-me-up... here you go.

Funnies: "Sh** Girls Say"
We're sure everyone's already seen this. 
But really.
We think we can think of a time we've said every single thing she (he?) says.


  1. i totally have to admit...i have a major girl crush on her too. she is so amazing and such a fashion icon!

    xoxo katlin

  2. Oh, I want to eat there this weekend! What should I get?
    & in my next life, I want to be Alexa Chung. It works that way, right?

  3. Um Yes, Emma is so perdy. I also love the videos posted and can admit I have said pretty much everything on there, including the girl scream as we all do when meeting up! :)

  4. I have a crush on John Krasinski too :) He's a cutie!

  5. LOVE pantrucas (and emma watson) - but their churrascopalta is my favorite, second only to their mango juice :)

  6. okay so as per usual:
    1. i used to detest emma watson, ONLY because i knew that mr. taylor had the biggest celebrity crush on her while we were "just friends". and in my mind, i really felt that every time we watched harry potter together she was staring into his soul through the screen. it wasn't until we got married that i finally let this absurd obsession end. yeah..weird, i know.
    2. who doesn't love john? the office would be nearly nothing without him. and his relationship with pam, heartwarming!
    3. i need to go to pantrucas immediately. and i'll definitely go with you girls!!
    4. alexa chung. enough said.
    5. i've never heard this song before...enjoying it!
    6. sh** girls say, saw it a couple days ago. HI.LARIOUS!!
    xo TJ

  7. i girl crush on emma constantly. she is seriously the best. plus she can do magic so that gives her bonus points. jim. i love jim. and yes he is always & forever jim. not john. neon indian is fabulous. did you know they're coming to salt lake in april?

  8. haha such a great post. and such great selections.


  9. Fantastic choices!

  10. Emma watson is timeless! Love her haircut. Jim-well I agree with everything you said! Great post girls!

  11. She is the only girl that i like
    that rocks the short haircut

    the video of the shit girls say
    i saw it a while back and i thought
    it was hilarious ..

    its so us!

    Melina ♥

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    Hope everything is lovely!


  13. WOW Loved your blog!!

    To follow each other follow me and comment :)


  14. hi! i'm ashley just found your blog this week from...err, i can't remember now. maybe kristine? it's very cute.
    have you seen this one? i laughed so hard today!

  15. Totally agree with both your crushes. Jim is the best...
    xo Jac

  16. ummm have you seen this one then...? sh*t nobody says:

  17. Oh my gosh you guys. I'm obsessed. If I were a boy at brown, I'd be all over Emma.

  18. just found your blog i LOVEEE it! i loveee both of your styles, well i guess its the same style but i really like it a lot, you guys dress so cute! and i like the likey wednesday posts thats cool, ive never heard of the Polish Girl song but I really like it! lovee your blog! if you guys get a chance I would love it if you checked out my blog!
    -koko :)


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