Thursday, January 19, 2012

Misikko Product Review

red top: lolabella boutique (slc), stripe top: nordstrom, jeans: levi's, boots: uo, watch: seiko (vintage)

bow top: hm, sweater: thrifted, jeans: ross, boots: borne via nordstrom, watch: relic
A couple weeks ago,, a website that specializes in hair dryers, CHI flat irons, and curling irons, contacted us to do a product review for them. Usually we're pretty skeptical about these things. Especially when a stranger emails us asking us for our address so he can send us an expensive hair dryer.
But after a little research, we agreed. And got sent this sweet baby in the mail:
That's right. The HANAair Professional Hair Dryer, which is one of Misikko's best hair dryers. And that's not all. They filled the box up with lots of swaaaaaag.
And we like swag.
But just because they buttered us up with all this free stuff, doesn't mean we still weren't skeptical.
So we actually tried the hair dryer. 
And we were blown away (pun definitely intended).
We both have really thick hair, and with our old hair dryers, we usually only have time to dry our hair to "dry enough". With the HANA, we can dry our hair in about 7 minutes. And it's not just dry enough.. it's actually dry. And that's a big deal for us. We can actually take showers in the morning now and have time to do our hair! 

However, we have never been the type to spend a lot of money on beauty products, so we would say the only con is the price. This thing is kind of pricey, but we will assure you, if you want a hair dryer that works REALLY well, it is worth the investment. You definitely can't find this quality at Walmart or Target.

Oh, the other con? Deciding who get's to keep it when we can't live together anymore. 
But we try not to think about it...

So here's a huge thanks to Misikko for the best blow dryer ever! Go check it out right now!



  1. hahahahahahahha they sent you the monkey and flowers and hand sanitizers too?? I thought it was so random and funny haha! BTW- The eyelash curler... BEST!

    LOVE both outfits :D

  2. you girls are adorable! and good to know about the hair dryer :)

  3. You girls outfits are way too cute!
    I need a blow dryer like that, I completely know how you guys feel.
    I have a lot of hair and it can stay wet for hours after a shower.

    xoxo, Jjanga

  4. That polka dot top is so cute! It would be heavenly to have my hair done in 7 minutes, but alas I have to flat iron my hair after it's dry. If you find a product that can blow dry AND straighten my hair in 7 minutes, I'm on board. :)


  5. Wow, super jealous. I'm with you guys, my hair usually only gets to "dry enough". I need a 7 minute blow dry for sure.

  6. You ladies are so cute! I am so jealous about the hair dryer! If I could have my hair finished in seven minutes, I would be one happy lady :) -Dreama

  7. Lucky girls about getting that AMAZING hair dryer + all that swag! My blow dryer broke recently and I've been dreding buying a hair dryer..its a necessary evil! Cute outfits as always!

  8. I'll remember this the next time my cheap-o hair dryer breaks. Also, your blog is darling! I love the fact that you're college roommates doing it all together.

    Come check out my blog FEST about food, style & travel. I'm currently document my wardrobe challenge: to not but any clothes in 2012.


    PS... I'm your newest follower

  9. Super cute I'm loving your outfits (:

  10. Such cute outfits! Love it.

  11. you guys are so adorable! I'm so glad i stumbled upon your blog :) ill definitely be keeping up and following for more posts!

    i noticed your introduction said you were in college :) i am too! i was just wondering how long you've been blogging and what year are you girls!

    love the blog :)

    - tiana of l'esthetique

  12. Omg these two outfits were so cute! Love them both! xx

  13. Loving your style! Way cute.
    xx. Jillian &

  14. you 2 girls are adorable! glad to have stumbled upon you!

    xx- Shaynah

  15. i am SO jealous! that sounds like a great quality blowdryer. a good hair day is always a good thing.


Reading your comments is like finding 5 dollars in my pocket. You guys are the best.

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