Friday, December 30, 2011

Guest Post: Steve and Jess

As our "Awkward Girls' Holiday Guest Post Extravaganza" comes to a close, we have one more fabulous guest poster for you. Jess, from Steve and Jess, is literally one of the cutest people we've ever seen. And we can say that because we've actually met her in real life. We ran in to her at DI one time. Can we just point out that she was even dressed super cute at DI. Who does that? Jess does. And you're about to see even more.


Hi friends! 

Madison and Lauren asked me to post about New Year's

and seeing as they are probably the most fashionable girls traipsing around BYU campus,

I decided to post some New Year's outfit inspiration!

In my opinion, any New Year's outfit must include some kind of sparkle or sheen.

Which is why I'm wearing velvet, sequins, and beads. all at once.


Happy Holidays!


sequin sweater: Macy's
velvet dress: Zara
necklace: Nordstrom
belt: Anthropologie
tights: F21
red pumps: Dejavu Boutique in New York

OKAY. Those shoes? Really? We die. Pinning those suckers right away. Well, as you can see, she's ALWAYS fabulous. So go see some more over at her blog!

We would also like to give one more huge
T H A N K  Y O U
to all our lovely ladies that were able to help us out.
Yeah, we're talking to you Rachel, TJ, Bri, Meg, Jennie, Mrs. DTF, Lindsay, Gentri, and Jess.
    You guys all had such great ideas and we loved what you put together!

Now our poor blog readers have to go back to reading about boring, old us.
But if you'll still have us, stay tuned for some pics of our break, and of course New Years Resolutions!!


oh ps. This is our 100th post ever. what up!


  1. OF COURSE she has THE perfect new years outfit! Jess is always fabulous. :)

  2. this blog is amazing! love it.
    -your newest follower

  3. omg you are right
    she does have the cutest shoes ever!



    Melina ♥

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  4. She is ADORABLE!

    Thanks for having me guest post! love you girls. Happy New Year!

  5. i ADORE her style. Oh so cute!

    Win a free mustard flower pillow!

  6. Lindsay and I went to college together. She is SO cute!

    I lovvve her outfit, it is so urban-j.crew-and-antrho all at once.

    Cute blog and cute style :)


  7. a little shout out to ma girllllssssssss

    check it out mads&lolo

  8. You are to read this blog...

  9. I'm loving those tights- AGREED! Every NYE outfit has to have some kinda sparkle and shine!

  10. just looking over the last three guest posts. LOVe those girls. most especially sweet jess and just us! eep! they are the cutest in the world.

    happy happy new year!

  11. Love it, she tied all the best things in together.


Reading your comments is like finding 5 dollars in my pocket. You guys are the best.

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