Sunday, December 18, 2011

Guest Post: Mr. Taylor and his Lady

Another wonderful post for Christmas time! Do you enjoy funnies, romance, cool pictures, intrigue, and supa-fly style? If you like even just one of those things, Mr. Taylor and his Lady is the blog to be at. Check out TJ's post below to get a little peek of her awesomeness.

Hey "Awkward Girls" readers! I'm so excited to be filling in for Lauren and Madison while they enjoy their trips back home for the holidays. My name is TJ, and I blog over here

now i love everything about the holiday season. all the classic movie marathons, the music, the lights, and the overall cheerfulness in the air. one downfall of this bustling season, however, is coming up with just that perfect gift for your special someone. or really anyone for that matter. this being the first big holiday as a married woman, i feel the extra pressure to get the hubs a very special gift. so for those of you finding something that special someone, your dad, or even your brother, here are just a few things i know mr. taylor has on his top secret christmas list. so i hope this list helps you as you venture out. happy shopping! and stop by and say hello sometime!

1 / 2 / 34 / 56 / 7 / 8 / 9 

We likey the messanger bag and the headphones. Maybe this could be a unisex Christmas list...? See what we mean by awesome taste? Go and see more of the goods here.

Hope Everyone is having a wonderful Christmas break thus far!



  1. You guys have the cutest blog! I just started following and love seeing your cute outfits! Have a wonderful break.

  2. do you miss the awkward girls as much as i do?!?

    then come see them here:

    p.s. i heart tj.

    mrs. dtf

  3. I LOVE miss TJ. Just became your newest follower!


  4. The messenger bag is super cute!... Thanks for sharing TJ!!!

    I love you girls style!




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