Monday, December 26, 2011

Guest Post: Jennie Moss

First of all, we hope everyone had the most awesome Christmas ever! At least until next year that is. However, the holidays aren't over. We still have NEW YEARS! HOLLA! 2012 is coming up soon, and even though it's apparently the end of the world, it doesn't mean we can't ring in the new year in style! So that's why for the rest of our Guest Post Extravaganza, our lovely guest bloggers will be giving us some sweet New Years Party ideas.

First up, we have the sweet and talented Jennie Moss. Jennie has a special place in our hearts because not only was she our very first sponsor, but she's also a real-life friend! And she's got some awesome New Years party styling tips for you. Check it out!
I am Jennie Marie
who blogs over at Jennie Moss
and I have a 
small obsession with headbands and headpieces.
I am super stoked to be bloggin here because 
I love my awkward girls
& their unreal style and fashion sense!!

N e w   Y e a r s   2 0 1 1 
is an awesome thing to plan for and I can't wait to party it up 
with my new famileeee
(first time with the in-laws for christmas)!
I am a 
"plan the outfit 6 months ahead of the event" kinda girl- 
so I am going to throw out 
some ideas for ya'lls possible outfit choices
 on this years NYE BASH.

I always wear flats. always always always.
so I would opt for these...

leopard print.
sure, I would take that ANYDAY.

if you wear high heels you NEED 
these PUMPS. ohemgee.

these pumps are sexy, velvet and peep-toed.
via ZARA

Sequined anything!
via ZARA

 Ostrich Feather/Sequins also a CLASS ACT.
unfortunately this is vintage
NOT available for purchase. :)

also this manicure. glitter nails rock.

I am feeling a messy bun/updo...
amber heard is also rocking the smokey eyes...

or swept back clean is always gorgey.

 headpieces always make 
a girl classy 
& a show stopper show show stopper (nelly furtado circa 2006)....

Have a fabby fabulous New Years Eve
hope you look like the gorgeous girl you are!!


  Jennie Marie Moss


Yes, yes, and yes. Thanks Jennie! These ideas are so awesome. We think we're gonna go get us a sequined dress right now. And you likey those headbands? Well we are proud owners of some Jennie Moss Haute and Handpieced headbands, and we can tell you: They make you look rullll goood. So make sure you stop by her blog and etsy shop!



Reading your comments is like finding 5 dollars in my pocket. You guys are the best.

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