Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We Likey Wednesday

First and foremost:
Happy Thanksgiving (tomorrow)! We hope everyone has a wonderful day and shoves their faces with immense amounts of delicious food. That's what we'll be doing.

Girl Crush: Julia Garner
We guess she's alright, if you're into that whole gorgeous-adorable-perfect-hair-type thing.
Also, be sure to look for her in The Perks of Being a Wallflower. We definitely will be!

Boy Crush: Michael Trevino
We know we have featured VD guys before, but can you blame us?
We think not. Just look at him. 

Flava of the Week:  Thanksgiving (duh.)
Turkey, stuffing, gravy, casseroles, and pies galore. Need we say more? 

We Want: Bass Shoes
No, not this bass (unless he's into it...?) but this one. Both of us recently bought a pair and we are in love. Preppy, cute, and comfortable. Check, check, and check.

Tunes: Tallest Man On Earth, "Like the Wheel"
It's about to get all sentimental up in here. 

Funnies: Handsome Men's Club
In the spirit of the recent "Sexiest Man Alive" debut, we figure this is pretty fitting. And hot. 



  1. I tried to look for you girls last Sunday,but failed. Haha. I miss your cute faces!

    "Favorite Flavor... Thanksgiving. Duh"

    HAHA! Happy Thanksgiving,you cuties! <3

  2. I like some of these too, but mainly the thanksgiving food! haha.

    Hope you have a lovely thanksgiving!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x

    Enter here:

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Michael Trevino is definately a boy crush of mine as well ;)

  4. Great post! You have an amazing blog!


  5. VD is the best show ever! addicctt. Beautiful, beautiful people in that show!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope it was a wonderful one :)

  7. thank you for sharing those bass shoes! i just pinned about 5 from their website-- new love!


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